Speech and Language Pathologist - 0.5 FTE

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Special Education


POSITION TYPE:         Certified – Teacher Contract
QUALIFICATIONS:     A valid Ohio Speech/Language Therapist Certificate.
                                          A Master's Degree (or higher) from an accredited college or university with specific emphasis in education and speech/language therapy.
                                          Demonstrated skill in writing and oral communication.
                                          Demonstrated successful experience as a speech/language therapist.
                                          Ability to establish positive relationships with staff, students and parents.
                                          Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable.

                                          Preschool Experience is preferred.
WORK DAYS:               186
RESPONSIBLE TO:      Director of Pupil Personnel
RESPONSIBILITIES:   Help reduce or eliminate speech, language and hearing deficits that interfere with the individual student’s ability to derive full benefit from the district’s educational program.
RESPONSIBILITIES:   Serves as a member of the school building Intervention Assistance Team (IAT).
                                          Serves as a resource to school staff members in the development of a balanced program for oral communication and speech improvement.
                                          Serves as a member of the IEP team as appropriate.
                                          Provides a therapeutic program to meet individual needs of speech, language and hearing handicapped children.
                                          Assists and guides teachers in observing, describing and referring suspected and identified speech and language impairments.
                                          Provides a thorough assessment and diagnosis of speech, voice, hearing and language status as a member of the multifactored evaluation team.
                                          Provides screening to identify speech and handicapped children at regular intervals and at specified levels.
                                          Assists in proper referrals of individuals to agencies and specialists in the community as appropriate.
                                          Provides appropriate individualized programs of therapy (IEP) to meet individual student’s needs and corrects existing speech or language handicaps.
                                          Collaborates with classroom teachers and other school staff members to implement therapy by suggestions for the student’s daily activities.
                                          Provides information, support and counseling to parents and families when appropriate.
                                          Provides in-service education and serves as a consultant to teachers and school staff members on topics concerning speech improvements.
                                          Keeps thorough ongoing records for the individual student receiving therapy or other school-provided speech services.
                                          Maintains lists of referred, screened and eligible students, as well as a directory of outside agencies, consultants, specialists and related services.
                                          Assumes primary responsibility for requisitioning and maintaining needed equipment and supplies.
                                          Assists in the development of the annual budget for speech therapy services.
                                          Supports school policies and procedures.
                                          Accepts responsibility for continued professional growth.
                                          Performs such other tasks and assumes such other responsibilities as the Coordinator of Pupil Services may assign.       

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