Volleyball Coach - Varsity Assistant

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Girls Volleyball Coaching Staff 
Varsity Assistant Level G $1145-$1525

Must Obtain the Following Credentials
Favorable BCI Background Check
Favorable FBI Background Check
First Aid for Coaches/Sports Safety Training
Fundamentals of Coaching Certification
Concussion Training
Sudden Cardiac Arrest Training
Pupil Validation Permit from ODE

Application must be completed to be considered.  


TITLE:                   Assistant Athletic Coach  - Supplemental position



QUALIFICATIONS:  1. Valid driver's license.

2. State of Ohio Teaching License (preferred, not required).

3. Coaching and administrative abilities.

4.  Experience in related field

5. Required to maintain a valid Pupil Activity Permit Validation and all items required to obtain PAP via the Ohio Department of Education.  Copies of all certifications must be on file prior to coaching.


REPORTS TO:      Head Coach, Athletic Director, Principal and/or Designee


SALARY: Supplemental as per negotiated agreement


POSITION GOAL:    To instruct athletes in the fundamental skills, strategy and physical 

training necessary for them to realize a degree of individual and team success. At the same time, the coach must instruct and demonstrate behaviors that lead to socially acceptable character development, self discipline, self confidence, and pride of 

accomplishment in the student athletes. To upgrade his/her knowledge and skills through coaching clinics, observations, consultation, etc.


SUPERVISES: The assistant coach must advise, coordinate and 

support a staff of coaches at the high school and middle school level in conjunction with the athletic director and respective principal. 



1.01 Assists the head coach in regard to submitting participant lists, bus times, parent permission, physical cards, year-end reports and program information relative to your sport.

1.02 Follows policy in the Athletic Handbook and meets all criteria as outlined in the job description.

1.03 Provides training rules to team members in writing and follows due process procedures.

1.04 Develops rapport with the athletic coaching staff.

1.05 Participates in in-service meetings and other activities to improve coaching performance. Attends meetings necessary to the welfare of the Athletic Department.

1.06 Develops sound public relations. Co-operates with newspapers, radio, T.V., Booster Club, and interested spectators. Upholds the integrity of the athletic program by refraining from making negative remarks.

1.07 Maintains suitable sideline conduct at games. Expects sportsmanlike behavior to be displayed by assistant coaches and athletes toward all individuals involved with the contest (officials, workers, fans, etc.).

1.08 Serves as a role model to players, coaches and spectators in demonstrating good sportsmanship and ethical behavior at all times.

1.09  Demonstrates respect for opponents before, during and after the contest.

Displays modesty in victory and graciousness in defeat.

1.10 Works cooperatively with junior high coaches in developing a coordinated 


1.11 Works cooperatively with Head Coach and Athletic Director and completes duties assigned

to them

1.12  Attends all meetings called by the Athletic Director.



2.01 Develops respect by example in appearance, manners, behavior,

language, and sportsmanlike conduct during a contest.

2.02 Is well-versed and knowledgeable in matters pertaining to the sport.

2.03 Has individual and team discipline and control.

2.04 Is fair, understanding, tolerant, sympathetic and patient with team


2.05 Educates players on rules and regulations of the game. Expects players

to follow  them and to accept the decisions about the game made my officials.

2.06 Teaches sportsmanship and rewards players who are good sports.

2.07 Teaching ability is innovative using new coaching techniques and ideas in

addition to sound, already proven methods of coaching.

2.08 Is prompt in meeting team for practices and games.

2.09 Shows an interest in athletes in off-season activities and classroom


2.10 Delegates authority with responsibility while remaining accountable for

such delegations.

2.11 Team performance consistent with quality of athletes available.

2.12 Supervision of players in the locker room, practice, field, bus and other areas.



3.01 Is concerned about the care of equipment, including issue, collection, inventory and storage.

3.02 Is cooperative in preparation of non-league scheduling.

3.03 Is cooperative in helping service clubs, Booster Club, Recreation Department and other organizations in their projects, which in turn relate to our athletic program.

3.04 Follows proper procedure for purchase of equipment.

3.05 Operates sport within the budget as submitted.

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