Special Needs Coordinator

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Lead Teacher/Department Head
Special Education


META Solutions strives to increase support for core services, offer new instructional and purchasing options, augment our technology infrastructure, and enhance our overall ability to serve school districts and public organizations across the state of Ohio. We believe in a fair and competitive marketplace where customer choice isn't limited by geography.

META's educational solutions support district initiatives to improve and advance student learning through a variety of instructional offerings. We increase presence for your district by supplementing existing instruction with flexible online coursework packages. These packages are designed to extend course offerings, remediate for credit recovery, and provide a year-long catalog of other options for schools and students. 

TRECA e-learning initiatives include TRECA Digital Academy (TDA) and TRECA Instructional Solutions (TIS), alternatives to traditional schooling that utilize 21st-century technology. TDA provides students with computer technology, allowing them to progress at their own pace. TRECA Instructional Solutions includes Custom Elective Courses and Credit Flexibility options that allow a student to participate in both brick-and-mortar classes and online classes.

The Special Needs Coordinator works closely with students, parents and staff to ensure the education, care, and support of students within the TRECA Special Needs program. The Coordinator works to facilitate and uphold direction from the Directors(s) of TDA, along with all applicable local, state, and federal laws.

This is a full-time position that reports daily to the Marion office.

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