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TITLE OF POSITION:                      Business Administrator
TITLE OF SUPERVISOR:                 Superintendent
SUPERVISES:                                   Business Clerks, AP Clerks, Administrative Assistants
GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES:      Efficient and prudent administration of the system’s business and financial affairs in order to provide the best possible educational services within the available financial resources.
SALARY:                                           Salary is reflective of the East Tallahatchie School District salary schedule
1. A Bachelor degree of Business related curriculum (accounting, finance, or business administration) from a four (4) year accredited university with a concentration in accounting. Including a minimum of 15 specified semester hours successfully completed in accounting from the following list.

  • Principals of Accounting I and II (6 semester hours)
  • Intermediate Accounting I and II (6 semester hours)
  • Advanced Accounting (3 semester hours)
  • Governmental Accounting (3 semester hours)
  • Managerial Accounting (3 semester hours)
  • Auditing (3 semester hours)
2. Have at least five (5) years of experience in Mississippi School District Accounting or equivalent accounting experience.
3. Must hold a current valid license in school business administration from the State Department of Education.
4. Be familiar with all financial requirements issued by the State Audit Department, Federal Grantors, and other state and federal agencies
5. Be able to communicate the school district’s financial situations to the school board and the superintendent.
6. Be able to work closely with the other school administrators and federal program coordinators.
7. Eighteen (18) hours of continuing training must be completed each year to maintain certificate.
1. The Business Administrator is responsible for all financial accounting records. It is his/her responsibility to assure that the financial records comply with the financial accounting manual for Mississippi Public School Districts prescribed by the Office of the State Auditor.
2. The Business administrator shall report to the Superintendent and Board of Education on a monthly basis the financial condition of the school district. This reporting must include all information required by the State Audit Department.
3. The Business Administrator is responsible for supervising the Accounts Payable Clerk and Payroll Clerk. It is his/her responsibility to review all work performed by these clerks. He must also be available to assist and guide in their daily work.
4. The Business Administrator is responsible for the preparation of the annual budget. Under the supervision and advice of the superintendent the Business Administrator must prepare the school’s annual operating budget. The Business Administrator must insure that the budget is prepared in compliance with all requirements of the Department of Education and The Department of Audit.
5. The Business Administrator is responsible for the year-end financial statements. He must insure that the financial statements comply with the State Audit Department's requirements. He must also produce all records to the auditors upon request.
6. The responsibility of the Business Administrator for all purchasing is to insure that all requisitions do not exceed the budget amount and that they meet all purchasing laws. He must approve all requisitions before purchase orders are produced and submitted to the superintendent.
7. The Business Administrator must reconcile the financial accounting records to the monthly bank accounts and report the reconciled balances to the Board of Education.
8. It is the responsibility of the Business Administrator to insure that the district complies with all state and federal laws concerning all financial matters.
9. Any other duties assigned to the Business Administrator by the Superintendent

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