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Position Areas


POSITION TITLE:    Interventionist/Coach                               


REPORTS TO:        Principal and District Transformation Officer



 The interventionist will provide systematic intervention to students in the assigned school. The school interventionist's primary purpose is to improve academic achievement of all students. Interventionists will provide leadership to classroom teachers in implementing intervention initiatives. They will also plan, implement, and assess intervention services to ensure fidelity. Interventionists will increase the staff’s capacity to effectively implement identified core or universal practices to all students, by providing staff with ongoing and embedded professional development. School interventionist will address the needs of specific groups of students who were previously identified as requiring special education services, including students who have dropped out of school and those who are at risk for school failure due to academic, social, or behavioral issues; and work closely with the School Teacher Support Committee (TST) Committee as well as a community advisory board.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities. (Other duties may be assigned)



  • Assist the buildings and district in implementing Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports, Teacher Support Team (TST) and 504 process.


  • Direct services designed to assist students for the purpose of helping students successfully meet Mississippi College and Career Readiness Standards.


  • Assists in reviewing/revising curriculum documentations at the district and school level.


  • Assists the organization and administration of any district’s academic/instructional initiative programs.


  • Analyze grade, class and individual student academic and behavioral data for the purpose of increasing student achievement and making informed decisions relative to instructional practices.


  • Review and evaluate student achievement information in order to place students in appropriate academic intervention and support services.


  • As an intervention team analyze district assessment data to understand students’ needs in order to select and recommend evidence-based instructional interventions to implement.


  • Collaborate with other teachers for the purpose of increasing student achievement by ensuring core instructional best practices are implemented with fidelity and staff are differentiating instruction to meet the needs of students.


  • Utilize protocols to ensure that interventions have been implemented with fidelity


  • Serve as part of a team that assists classroom teachers in understanding and completing more in depth assessments in order to identify specific deficits/needs of a specific student or a group of students.


  • Use systematic and valid data collection procedures to measure effectiveness of their own services in order to evaluate the impact on student achievement.


  • Assist in developing a systematic and comprehensive process of data collection and effective decision-making and problem solving that permeates all aspects of the school and an MTSS model


  • Maintain up to date files related to student support and in accordance with any Board of Education Policies.


  • Participate in district professional development related to job and attend meetings, trainings and professional development as required outside of designated schedule.


  • Provide professional development opportunities in universal best practices and interventions for learning to school staff.


  • Assist in providing professional development opportunities and communicating pertinent information to staff as needed.


  • Keep informed of best practices and new developments related to literacy, math and other subject areas and share the information with appropriate staff.


  • Lead and participate in on-going and job-embedded professional development such as meetings, workshops, trainings, and seminars for the purpose of determining success of literacy/math and other subject areas content knowledge, pedagogy, and coaching.


  • Facilitate effective instruction that meets the individual needs of diverse learners by consulting with staff on individualized instruction, managing classroom behavior, monitoring student progress, evaluating classroom data and adjusting intervention and instructional strategies to make content accessible to every student.


  • Mentor and coach staff for the purpose of building capacity to teach academic and behavioral skills in order to improve academic and behavior instruction at the schools.


  • Effectively communicate, collaborate and consult with staff, administrators and families on promoting positive peer relationships and social problem solving, school wide positive behavior systems, interventions, supports and programs to promote student wellness and reduce barriers to learning.


  • Use collaboration and communication skills to function as change agents to promote necessary change at the individual student, classroom, school and district level.


  • Communicate knowledge and experience by taking on a leadership role, district and/or school wide, when initiatives involve area of expertise..


  • Identify students with special education needs who have dropped out or are at risk of dropping out of school for the purpose of providing assistance to help students meet academic requirements for graduation.


  • Lead students to existing credit recovery programs for the purpose of helping students meet credit requirements for graduation.


  • Assist with monitoring drop out information required by the Mississippi Department of Education for the purpose of ensuring compliance with state legal reporting requirements.


  • Research evaluate, and present best practice in dropout prevention and recovery strategies for the purpose of re-engaging student dropouts.


  •  Adheres to all GPSD policies and procedures as well as the Mississippi Educator Code of Ethics.


  • Work with students, staff, parents and guardians for the purpose of evaluating situations, solving problems, resolving conflicts, referring to appropriate professionals, and enhancing student success in school.


  • Attends professional development sessions as scheduled in the district professional development plan.


  • All certified employees are expected to work an 8 hour work day, usually 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted or as adjusted by the principal or supervisor.


  • Punctuality.


  • Must clock in and out at the appropriate scheduled time assigned.


  • Shall dress in an appropriate professional manner.


  • All staff must inform their supervisor whenever leaving their office during the working day.


SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES:    Assist as instructed by immediate supervisor.


EDUCATION AND/OR EXPERIENCE:    Bachelors of Arts Degree, Masters preferred.


CERTIFICATES, LICENSES, REGISTRATIONS:   Valid Mississippi Teaching Certificate endorsed in a core subject teaching area.


TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:        Salary and work year to be established by the Board.


EVALUATIONS:  Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with the provisions of the Board’s policy on Evaluation of Certified Personnel.


Approved by: Board of Trustees, Greenwood Public Schools         


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Reviewed and agreed to by:_______________________________


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