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POSITION TITLE:       School Improvement Principal


REPORTS TO:      Superintendent and District Transformation Officer



To provide instructional leadership to ensure a successful or higher accreditation rating and meet AYP in Language Arts and Mathematics. Principals must also be responsible for building administration and ensure the safety and welfare of all students and staff.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities. (Other duties may be assigned)


  • Maintains a success or higher rating on all state, district, and school- level assessments.


  • Ensures that the school meets growth in Language Arts and Mathematics.


  • Leads in the development and implementation of the district’s focus,  vision, mission, goal and strategies that emphasize student learning.


  • Leads the development and implementation of annual, data-driven school improvement plans, strategic plans and school-wide plans.


  • Advocates, nurtures, and sustains a school climate and culture conducive to teaching and learning.


  • Provides leadership in curriculum development and the instructional program.


  • Creates an environment of collaboration among all stakeholders.


  • Supervises and evaluates staff.


  • Monitors instruction on a daily basis.


  • Promotes and leads professional development of staff.


  • Maintains a safe, disciplined and respectful environment for staff and students.


  • Manages fiscal resources: budgets, activity funds.


  • Manages information technology.


  • Ensures that students meet their growth targets.


  • Uses information from various sources to improve programs and operations.


  • Leads faculty, staff, and others in evaluating school operations and activities.


  • Encourages school faculty and staff to provide input on school matters that affect them.


  • Ensures that faculty and staff are kept aware of the vision and mission of the school.


  • Ensures that faculty and staff are kept aware of the goal and strategies of the school.


  • Analyzes data and reports results in a timely manner.


  • Uses Data to improve school instruction, achievement and attendance.


  • Promotes the importance of measuring student growth.


  • Creates opportunities for faculty to share ideas.


  • Promotes and supports innovations and new practices in the school.


  • Ensures that faculty and staff know what is expected of them.


  • Promotes a positive environment for learning.


  • Celebrates school and student improvement and achievement.


  • Ensures that the school’s accountability rating is successful or higher.


  • Sets high standards for faculty and student performance.


  • Takes an active role in improving curriculum and instruction.


  • Encourages, promotes and rewards student attendance.


  • Encourages and promotes parental and community involvement.


  • Keeps faculty and staff informed of school matters.


  • Maintains open, two-way communication with school staff.


  • Communicates the importance of focusing on the needs of students and parents.


  • Ensures teachers are evaluated on a regular basis.


  • Provides staff with opportunities for professional growth.


  • Delegates leadership to assistant principal or designee.


  • Interacts effectively with faculty, students, and parents.


  • Effectively implements the MTSS Process.


  • Provides faculty and staff with information concerning current laws and policies which affect instruction.


  • Monitors programs and activities in this school.


  • Keeps classroom interruptions to a minimum.


  • Establishes routines and procedures that contribute to teaching and learning.


  • Expects teachers to keep students actively engaged in meaningful classroom activities.


  • Actively seeks resources for this school.


  • Promotes the use of technology in all aspects of the school.


  • Ensures that assistance is provided to faculty and others in utilizing technology.


  • Communicates information clearly and succinctly.


  • Performs duties in a professional manner.


  • Dresses appropriately.


  • Keeps the District Transformation Officer and the Superintendent informed of the school’s activities and problems.


  • Prepares or supervises the preparation of reports, records, lists, and all other paperwork required or appropriate to the school’s administration.


  • Works cooperatively with members of the Central Office Staff: Personnel, Finance, Food Service, Maintenance and Transportation, Academic Education and Special Education.


  • Assumes responsibility for the implementation and observance of all board policies and regulations by the school’s staff and students.


  • Schedules classes within established guidelines to meet student needs and state standards.


  • Assumes responsibility for his own professional growth and development through membership and participation in the affairs of professional organizations, through attendance at regional, state, and national meetings, through enrollment in advanced courses and by attending professional meetings, reading professional journals and other publications, and discussing problems of mutual interest with others in the field.


  • Supervises all professional, paraprofessional, administrative,  and non- professional personnel attached to the school.


  • Plans and supervises fire drills, tornado drills, and an emergency preparedness program.


  • Responds to written and oral requests for information in a timely manner.


  • Delegates authority to responsible personnel to assume responsibility for the school in the absence of the principal.


  • Attends Board Meetings.


  • Attends administrative staff meetings.


  • Punctual to work each day.


  • All principals must inform the Superintendent’s  office whenever  leaving their building during the work day.


  • Principals will be responsible for all state testing in their buildings and will adhere to all guidelines and regulations as mandated by the State and the District.


  • Principals are expected to be on duty from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on a normal working day the entire period of their contract, in most cases July 1 through June
  • Principals are expected to stay beyond 4:00 p.m. if the need arises. (programs, extended school, athletic events, etc.)
  • Prepares and Supervises the preparation and maintenance of all required building records and reports: To include attendance and punctuality of all staff.
  • Maintains active relationships with students and parents.


  • Supervises the guidance program to enhance individual student education and development.


  • Maintains high standards of student conduct and enforces discipline as necessary, according due process to the rights of students.


  • Attends special events held to recognize student achievement, and attends school sponsored activities, functions, and athletic events.


  • Promotes the health and well-being of all students.


  • Supervises all professional, paraprofessional, administrative, and non- professional personnel attached to the school.
  • Works with the Personnel Director in the selection and supervision of all school building personnel except cafeteria.


  • Approves the master schedule and any special assignments.


  • Orientates newly assigned staff members.


  • Conducts meetings of the staff as necessary for the proper functioning of the school.


  • Recommends, according to established procedures, the removal of a teacher whose work is unsatisfactory.


  • Makes arrangements for special conferences between parents and teachers.


  • Supervises the daily use of the school facilities for both academic and nonacademic purposes.


  • Plans and supervises fire drills, tornado drills, and an emergency preparedness program.


  • Asserts leadership in times of civil disobedience in school in accordance with established Board policy.


  • Provides for adequate inventories of property under his jurisdiction and for the security and accountability for that property.


  • Supervises all activities and programs that are outgrowths of the school’s curriculum.


  • Supervises and evaluates the school’s extracurricular programs.


  • Participates in principal’s meetings, and such other meetings as are required or appropriate.


  • Serves as an ex officio member of all committees and councils within his school.


  • Cooperates with college and university officials regarding teacher training and preparation.


  • Assumes responsibility for all official school correspondence and news releases.


  • Serves as a member of such committees and attends such meetings as directed by the Superintendent.


  • Shall dress in an appropriate professional manner.


  • Meets daily with the Assistant Principal/designee to discuss plans and strategies for the total operation of the school.


  • Will assist in supervising athletic events.




Education And/Or Experience:


  • Master’s Degree in Education with 5 years of documented building-level administrative experience in public schools (Specialist or Doctorate Degree preferred) OR
  • Documented successful administrative experience in a high-poverty, low-performing school
  • Experience in maintaining a Successful or High-Performing school
  • Successful experience facilitating adult learning and delivering professional development
  • Experience mentoring, coaching, and providing feedback to teachers on classroom instruction in public schools
  • Experience leading others in a collaborative process
  • Experience in effectively communicating with parents and community stakeholders
  • Experience analyzing and using student achievement data for instructional purposes
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in the use of assessment and assessment data to inform classroom instruction and prescribe work plans for individual teachers
  • Demonstrate ability to plan and evaluate strategies for improving classroom instruction
  • Extensive knowledge of the Accountability Model and Business Rules
  • A documented record of exemplifying high ethical standards, professional conduct, and trustworthiness as outlined in the Mississippi Code of Ethics.


TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:            Salary and work year to be established by the Board.


EVALUATIONS: Evaluation  will  be  based  on  performance  on  Job



Approved by: Board of Trustees, Greenwood Public Schools      Date: 04/15/1997



Reviewed and agreed to by:   ________________________


Date: ___________________



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