District School Improvement Specialist

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POSITION TITLE:   District School Improvement Specialist  


REPORTS TO:        Superintendent and District Transformational Officer

JOB GOAL:             

The District School Improvement Specialist is a master teacher/administrator and a communication link for curriculum and instruction issues between District Curriculum and Instruction, other departments and the assigned School Improvement school sites. The specialist assists, supports, and coaches staff members in effective instruction with emphasis in core curriculum areas to ensure student success and academic achievement. Specialists promote school improvement by facilitating training, providing professional development and ensuring the implementation of Mississippi College and Career Readiness ELA and Math Standards, district curriculum, and the school improvement plan including all ESEA compliance regulations. The goal of the school improvement specialist is to build capacity by providing ongoing coaching, data analysis, school improvement progress monitoring, and identifying prescriptive intervention strategies for all identified school sites and teachers and to assist the principal in providing school-wide leadership in implementing school improvement program requirements and documentation.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities. (Other duties may be assigned)


  1. Assists the SIG principal in the overall administration of the School Improvement program.
  2. Monitors all school improvement program requirements
  3. Advises SIG administrators of Accountability requirements.
  4. Demonstrate understanding and proficient use of current software related to assessment and accountability.
  5. Supervises the scoring of all assessments and conducts statistical analyses of results for all schools and areas of group testing conducted.
  6. Develops and delivers professional development on the administration of assessments, use of data, and data analysis with SIG teachers and administrators.
  7. Creates documents that assist in the analyzation of school level and District level data
  8. Makes quarterly reports to the Board on benchmark assessment data
  9. Attends and facilitates data sessions at SIG schools upon request
  10. Prepares informative reports, including graphic tabular and narrative forms, and instructional materials for all stakeholders.
  11. Maintains a data collection and reporting calendar
  12. Oversees the School Improvement Program Evaluation Process for all SIG schools
  13. Oversees the creation and dissemination of District benchmark assessments for all SIG schools
  14. Identify strengths and challenges across the district and within schools based on student achievement data and share findings with Principals and Teachers after each major assessment round
  15. Serves as instructional leader for the implementation of the SIG program/grant.
  16. Develops schedules of program/grant implementation and extracurricular activities.
  17. Prepares schedules for the program/grant.
  18. Works with program/grant staff in compiling the annual budget requests/reports.
  19. Monitors requisitions supplies, textbooks, and equipment, conducting inventories, maintaining records, and checking on receipts for such materials.
  20. Reports and monitors student attendance and achievement in program/grant for all SIG schools
  21. Monitors all operations and implementation of the overall grant/program.
  22. Assists with staff training and ensuring that Time and Effort logs are reviewed, maintained and enforced for all SIG schools
  23. Assists and/or coordinates the implementation and interpretation of a comprehensive needs assessment data for all SIG schools
  24. Attends and leads appropriate ESEA/School Improvement related meetings at district and school site
  25. Assists with coordination of parental involvement meetings, workshops, family academic events, curriculum nights for SIG schools
  26. Becomes aware and knowledgeable of current ESEA guidelines.
  27. Maintains Punctuality.
  28. Adheres to all GPSD policies and procedures as well as the Mississippi Educator Code of Ethics.
  29. Monitors the implementation of the Extended School and Extended Year programs at all SIG schools



The School Improvement Specialist works in conjunction with district leadership and various departments to enhance teacher effectiveness and student achievement. The specialist supports the goals, objectives, strategies and programs of the district  is a communication link between the district and school sites develops and/or provides professional development assists the alignment of standards/curriculum with related instructional materials, strategies and activities assists the design and creation of materials and assessments to align with standards and performance objectives is an active, participating member of district assigned curriculum committees attends district-level meetings and trainings completes other duties as assigned.




  • Master’s Degree in Education with 5 years of documented teaching experience OR
  • Bachelor’s Degree with 6 years of documented teaching experience
  • Successful experience facilitating adult learning and delivering professional development
  • Experience mentoring, coaching, and providing feedback to teachers on classroom instruction
  • Experience leading others in a collaborative process
  • Experience analyzing and using student achievement data for instructional purposes
  • Experience in maintaining a Successful or High-Performing school
  • Extensive knowledge of the Accountability Model and Business Rules
  • Experience in successful grant management and reporting
  • Documented successful administrative experience in a high-poverty, low-performing school
  • A documented record of exemplifying high ethical standards, professional conduct, and trustworthiness.





Valid K-12 Mississippi Administrative License


TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:        Salary and work year to be established by the Board.


EVALUATIONS: Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with the provisions of the Board’s policy on Evaluation of Certified Personnel.


Approved by: Board of Trustees, Greenwood Public Schools            Date _______


Reviewed and agreed to by:_______________________________ Date  _________

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