JobID 4154 : High School Counselor (#413184)

Posted 2 years ago

School Counselor


? Master’s Degree in Guidance and Counseling (MS Code 37-9- 79)
? Valid Mississippi Department of Education Certification

The primary function of school counselors in Rankin County School District is to provide
a comprehensive developmental guidance and counseling program for all students at all
grade levels, from pre-kindergarten through grade 12; to consult with parents/guardians,
teachers, and other school staff members to enhance their effectiveness in guiding and
supporting students in progressing through the grade levels and in planning their careers;
and to provide support for the other education programs in the individual schools.


Program Development and Evaluation

? Goals, objectives, and activities of the guidance program are developed using the
results of needs assessments.
? Organizes a guidance committee that functions in an advisory capacity.
? Develops a guidance calendar of activities that lists on-going and regular events
and activities.
? Secures and makes available to students information and material on further
educational opportunities, personal growth and development, and occupational
opportunities and trends.
? Develops procedures for guidance program.
? Implementing the guidance curriculum in each teacher’s classroom and/or
systematically conducting developmental counseling programs for each grade
level in the particular school throughout the year.
? Provides resources to teachers to facilitate their teaching of counseling content in
their regular lessons.
? Development of program for conflict resolution.

Counseling and Consultation

? Provides time in the daily schedule for individual counseling for students.
? Plans and implements group guidance activities.
? Consults with families, teachers, administrators, and other appropriate individuals
regarding services and program available to/for students.
? Prepares a list of contact personnel in agencies, programs, and services external to
the school setting for collaboration and referral.

Student Appraisal

? Interprets test results to appropriate individuals.
? Assists in identifying students who need interventions/special services.
? Assists in reviewing students’ progress at the end of each grading period.
? Shall NOT serve as School Test Coordinator or Assistant School Test Coordinator

Academic Advisement and Educational and Occupational Planning

? Assists with registering and orienting new students.
? Provides orientation to students from “feeder” schools.
? Conducts course selection using iCap guidelines.
? Provides students with information on school district policies regarding counseling
services, student activities, competency and grade-level testing, graduation, and
college admission.
? Provides students with materials and information regarding career and post-high
school educational opportunities; assists with college applications, scholarships,
and employment applications including the writing of letters of recommendation.
? Informs families of student-related career and educational opportunities.
? Provides classroom guidance in areas of career advisement and sex education.
? Consults with administrators and teachers in the planning of course offerings that
meet the needs and interests of students.

Referrals and Follow-up

? Receives and acts upon referrals from administrators, teachers, families, agencies,
and other professional staff.
? Serves in coordination of behavior interventions.
? Provides crisis intervention and preventive counseling.
? Assists families in effective use of community and school resources such as (a)
identification of students needing special assistance, (b) maintaining a current file
of alternate programs and schools, (c) counseling families and students about
alternatives available, and (d) following up on students’ progress.

Professional Responsibilities and Development

? Organizes office for most effective use.
? Prepares/submits reports, records, lists, and other paperwork accurately and timely.
? Participates in meetings on the local, district, state, or national level as required or
? Keeps informed of developments within the profession by maintaining active
membership in appropriate organizations, attending professional meetings, reading
professional journals and other publications, and networking with other
? Educational consultations and collaboration with teachers, administrators, and
? Adheres to Rankin County School District board policies and procedures and
administrative directives.
? Communicates effectively using standard oral and written English.
? Abides by the American School Counseling Association’s Code of Ethics.
? Maintains and accepts responsibility for any district owned fixed asset item
assigned to employee and ensures appropriate use by following district
policies for acceptable use
? Undergoes periodic evaluations according to state and board policy
? Maintains confidentiality.
? Regular, dependable attendance is an essential function of this position.
? Performs such other and not specifically enumerated duties as may be
requested by the Board of Education, superintendent, administrator, director
or established by district policy.