Elementary Special Education Teacher

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Job title

Special Education Teacher

Reports to

School Principal


Job purpose


Develop and implement the student’s IEP through direct instruction and coordination of activities/work with the teachers at the local school.


Duties and responsibilities

  • Develop lesson plans based on CCRS, and/or Essential Elements, appropriate Functional Goals, and the IEP to address the individual needs of the student.

  • Utilize multiple forms of student data to continually Review and Revise IEPs, lesson plans, grades, and instructional strategies as the need arises to ensure success.

  • Manage classroom behavior through interventions and behavior plans, formal and informal, chart behavior, note successful and unsuccessful interventions on RCSD approved ABC Forms.  

  • Consult with a behavior specialist as needed, make referrals for FBAs /BIPs.  

  • Implement informal behavioral contracts and formal behavior plans, and revise when necessary.

  • Implement positive behavioral support and interventions.  

  • Document behavior daily.

  • Develop and write IEPs based on cumulative, comprehensive data annually.

    • Schedule IEPs with appropriate school personnel, parents, and school.

    • Use data to develop progress reports every grading period and when the IEP dictates.  

    • Monitor progress through data collection for all IEP goals daily, weekly, monthly, and annually.

    • Update information in SpedTrack to ensure records are current.

  • Consult and collaborate with Related Services personnel and implement recommendations and IEP goals in the classroom and school settings.

  • Communicate with parents formally or informally to maintain rapport and address parent concerns.

  • Submit LREs within the first two weeks of school start date, and each time an IEP Meeting is held.  

  • Conduct Re-evaluations every three years are as necessary.

  • Conduct ESY Meetings at least once a year.

  • Attend professional development sessions conducted by the district.

  • Manage, train, and guide ARIs to be effective supports within your classroom.

  • Manage and meet all MDE procedures, guidelines, and timelines.

  • Design and implement schedules to address the individual needs of the students on your caseload.

  • Build collaborative relationships with school personnel general education, special education, specialists, and parents.

  • Meet all requirements, duties, and deadlines assigned by your building administrators and central office support staff. 



    • Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree issued by an accredited college or university

    • Valid Mississippi Educator license with required special education endorsements

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