Hearing Impaired Teacher

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The Hearing Impaired Teacher provides interpretive services to facilitate communications between students with hearing and/or communication disabilities and other individuals through oral and signed language.


  1. Supports and provides consultation services to students, general education teachers,

           interpreters and other staff relative to students individualized educational program (IEP).

  1. Provides an educational program as defined in the student’s individualized educational plan IEP).

  1. Works cooperatively with the classroom teachers who have students with hearing

           impairments or interpreting the abilities and disabilities of these students, assisting in

           classroom intervention strategies, and assisting the student in regular assignments.

  1. Communicates regularly with parents and professional staff regarding the educational,

           social, and personal needs of the students.

  1. Arranges and facilitates interpreting for parent-teacher conferences.

      6. Develops and implements an individualized education program for each student

          complimentary to his/her educational, social and emotional strengths and weaknesses as

          defined through the multi-factored evaluation and IEP process.

  1. Completes necessary reports and daily record keeping as required by state and local policies

          and procedures. Consults with administrative and supervisory personnel regarding

         progress and problems of students in the program.

  1. Develops and implements a system of tracing and evaluating students’ academic and social

           performance on a daily basis.

  1. Assist with evaluation of hearing impaired student.

  1. Participates in professional growth activities through staff development, inservices,

          workshops and higher education.

  1. Assumes such other responsibilities as requested by the Building Administrator and Special Education Director.

REPORTS TO: Building Principal

Required Endorsements:   You will need the 208 and 211 Endorsements for this position.

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