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Technology Education


Job Description




Title:                      Classroom Teacher

Qualifications:        1.     Certificate, license, or other legal credential required

  1. Degree(s) required and endorsement(s)
  2. Kind and amount of prior job experience as required by the Board
  3. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the State Board may find appropriate and acceptable.

Reports To:           Principal

Job Goal:               To provide students with academic skills necessary to function in daily living, for achieving success on state and national achievement tests, and to serve as a foundation for learning at the next grade level


Lesson Plans

  • Utilizes and references districts and/or state mandated competencies, objectives, and/or benchmarks            
  • Uses a variety of effective teaching procedures, materials/media, and assessments appropriate for learners
  • Documents and reports to the principal completion of and progress on state benchmarks, blueprints, and writing rubrics


Classroom Management

  • Attends to routine tasks during initial minutes of class
  • Uses instructional time effectively / time on task
  • Promotes a positive and safe classroom environment conducive to learning
  • Provides for smooth transition from one activity to another
  • Maintains appropriate classroom discipline
  • Maintains poise and self control
  • Establishes high expectations for learners
  • Promotes active learner participation
  • Shows evidence of appropriate and positive student – teacher interaction
  • Monitors access and usage of the internet


Delivery of Instruction


          Plans for Effective Instruction

  • Aligns all instructional material to state benchmarks, blueprints, rubrics, and assessments
  • Delivers instruction connecting state benchmarks, blueprints, teaching strategies, student interventions, and other state supporting materials to the student performance requirements of the state assessment program


Follows Lesson Cycle

  • Shows evidence of student achievement (grade proficiency) and growth based on the Mississippi Assessment System over a two year period
  • Provides guided practice activities for students
  • Uses interest approach to introduce lesson
  • Motivates students with the purpose and importance of the lesson
  • Provides instruction appropriate for the level of the learner
  • Presents lesson in an appropriate scope and sequence
  • Provides learners with appropriate practice on lesson content
  • Adjusts instruction / re-teaches as necessary
  • Provides appropriate lesson closure


Effective Teaching Practices

  • Demonstrates knowledge of subject matter
  • Accommodates individual differences and learning styles
  • Uses a variety of instructional techniques or methods
  • Communicates directions clearly
  • Uses correct oral and written communication
  • Uses technology and instructional aides effectively
  • Demonstrates enthusiasm for teaching and learning
  • Addresses the varied achievement levels of students
  • Demonstrates concern for students as individuals
  • Documents instruction based on state benchmarks


Evaluation of Student Progress

  • Links state assessments to classroom instruction
  • Uses a variety of evaluation methods
  • Provides appropriate evaluation feedback to student, parents, and administrators in a timely manner
  • Maintains records of student performance (grade books, progress reports, rubrics, benchmarks, etc.)
  • Shows evidence of student achievement and growth based on theMississippitesting program
  • Incorporates test items that mimic the format and level of difficulty of state test items
  • Utilizes state writing rubrics to evaluate progress on written assignments
  • Administers and reports progress on state practice tests as required
  • Reports student progress toward mastery of state required benchmark items as assessed through the state assessment program to the principal each nine week period


Professional Responsibility

  • Dresses in an appropriate and professional manner
  • Arrives on time and remains until the designated time to leave for all assignments
  • Complies with school policies, State Department of Education regulations, School Board policies, and supports the school system.
  • Attends all meetings, workshops, and in-service training programs required by the school or district
  • Demonstrates professional behavior at all times with the community, administrators, teachers, parents, and students
  • Maintains equipment and fixed assets according to district policy
  • Seeks professional development activities to address personal professional growth
  • Promotes the district’s vision, mission, and goals 
  • Performs other duties as assigned


Terms of Employment:         Salary and work year will be established by the Board.


Evaluation:                            Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the Board’s policy on Evaluation of Professional Personnel.




983 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Application


- This is an “add on” endorsement that may be earned only by persons who hold a currently valid 5-year standard Mississippi Educator License with endorsement in any subject area (academic or occupational).

A #983 endorsement allows a person to teach the following course:

000273 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Application

This endorsement requires the following:

1. Applicant must hold a currently valid 5-year standard Mississippi Educator License

2. Applicant must validate technology competency by attaining the established minimum score or higher on an assessment approved by the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE). The assessment must be directly related to technology competency required by the grade level and subject matter being taught. Approved assessment for this license is IC3.

3. Applicant must demonstrate the ability to function in and maintain a networked laboratory

4. Applicant must successfully complete a Certification for online learning workshop, module, or course that is approved by the MDE

5. Applicant must successfully complete a STEM Certification workshop, module, or course that is approved by the MDE

Note: If the applicant meets all requirements listed above, that applicant will be issued an endorsement supplemental to their existing five-year license. If the applicant does not meet all requirements, the applicant will be issued an emergency endorsement, and all requirements for the supplemental endorsement must be satisfied prior to the renewal date of the standard license


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