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Position Areas
Public School


AA in School Administration
Minimum five (5) years classroom experience

Superintendent; Assistant Superintendent

To provide leadership and supervision through administration skills to promote the educational development of each student


  • Establish and maintain an effective learning climate in the school
  • Initiate, design, and implement programs to meet specific needs of the school
  • Keep the superintendent informed of the school’s administration and instruction
  • Make recommendations concerning the school’s administration and instruction
  • Prepare and administer the school budget and supervise school finances
  • Supervise the maintenance of all required building records and reports
  • Prepare or supervise the preparation of reports, records, lists, and all other paperwork required or appropriate to the school’s administration
  • Work with various members of the central administrative staff on school problems of more than school import, such as transportation and special services
  • Keep superintendent informed of events and activities of an unusual nature
  • Interpret and enforce district policies and administrative regulations
  • Maintain active relationships with students and parents
  • Budget school time to provide for the efficient conduct of school instruction and business
  • Lead in the development, determination of appropriateness, and monitoring of the instructional program
  • Schedule classes within established guidelines to meet student needs
  • Assist in the development, revision, and evaluation of the curriculum
  • Supervise the guidance program to enhance individual student education and development
  • Maintain high standards of student conduct and enforce discipline according to due process rights of students
  • Establish guides for proper student conduct and maintaining student discipline
  • Attend special events held to recognize student achievement, and attend school-sponsored activities, functions, and athletic events
  • Maintain and control the various local funds generated by student activities
  • Supervise the maintenance of accurate records on the progress and attendance of students
  • Assume responsibility for the attendance, conduct, and maintenance of health records students
  • Assume responsibility for personal professional growth and development through membership and participation in the affairs of professional organizations; attendance of regional, state, and national meetings; and enrollment in advanced courses
  • Keep abreast of changes and developments in the profession by attending professional meetings, reading professional journals and other publications, and discussing problems of mutual interest with others in the field
  • Supervise all professional, paraprofessional, administrative, and support personnel attached to the school
  • Assist in the recruiting, screening, hiring, training, assigning, and evaluating of the school’s staff
  • Supervise the school’s teaching process
  • Approve the master teaching schedule and special assignments
  • Orient newly assigned staff members and assist in their professional development
  • Evaluate and counsel staff members regarding their individual and group performance
  • Conduct staff meetings to maintain proper functioning of the school
  • Assist in the in-service orientation and training of teachers, with special responsibility for staff administrative procedures and instructions
  • Recommend, according to established procedures, the removal of a teacher whose work is unsatisfactory
  • Make arrangements for special conferences between parents and teachers
  • Assume responsibility for the safety and administration of the school plant
  • Supervise the daily use of the school facilities for both academic and nonacademic purposes
  • Plan and supervise fire drills, tornado drills, and an emergency preparedness program
  • Assert leadership in times of civil disobedience in school in accordance with established Board policy
  • Provide for adequate inventories of school property and for the security and accountability for that property
  • Supervise all activities and programs that are outgrowths of the school’s curriculum
  • Supervise and evaluate the school’s extracurricular program
  • Participate in principals’ meetings, negotiations meetings, and such other meetings
  • Serve as an ex officio member of all committees and councils within the school
  • Cooperate with college and university officials regarding teacher training and preparation
  • Respond to written and oral requests for information
  • Assume responsibility for all official school correspondence and news releases
  • Organize and administer the pubic relations program for the school
  • Serve as a member of committees and attend meetings as directed by the superintendent
  • Delegate authority to responsible personnel to assume responsibility for the school in the absence of the principal
  • Maintains and accepts responsibility for any district owned fixed asset item assigned to employee and ensures appropriate use by following district policies for acceptable use
  • Undergoes periodic evaluations according to state and board policy procedures
  • Maintains confidentiality
  • Regular, dependable attendance is an essential function of this position
  • Performs such other and not specifically enumerated duties as may be requested by the Board of Education, superintendent, administrator, director or established by district policy

Salary and work year as established by the Rankin County Board of Education

Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with the provisions of the Rankin County School Board policy on Evaluation of Professional Personnel

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