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TITLE:                                    Administrative Assistant
STATUS:                               Certified
TERM OF SERVICE:           232 Days
SUPERVISOR:                     Superintendent
SUPERVISES:                      As assigned by Superintendent
BASIC FUNCTION: Position is responsible for assisting the superintendent in the planning, organization, administration, and management of the school district. Position assists with supervising of staff, creating a safe environment, strategic planning, monitoring state and regional accreditation requirements, monitoring the operation of the alternative school,  budget development, and other duties associated with the successful operation of the Aberdeen School District. In addition to the above responsibilities, the assistant superintendent is responsible for the following:

  • Reports regularly to the Superintendent on any developments or situations within the district requiring the Superintendent's awareness
  • Provides technical assistance, support, and monitoring to the schools with planning and implementing  strategic planning, school innovations, improving school performance
  • Manages and maintains open lines of communication with local district staff, parents and the community
  • Promotes collaboration among stakeholders and increases accountability for results
  • Serves as a member of the Superintendent’s Executive Committee and participates in the formulation and interpretation of board policies and regulations and the Superintendent’s administrative directives
  • Provides executive leadership in the strategic planning of year-round calendars
  • Provides executive leadership in the reporting and publication of key performance indicators for the school district
  • Oversees the publication of official school and student level data including ethnic enrollment, test scores, dropout rates, and graduation rates
  • Oversees the state and federal mandated data collection efforts
  • Oversees the training and support of school personnel in the use of student information systems to maintain the integrity of data
  • Provides executive leadership in the verification and validation of school and student information
  • Administers the development of educational initiatives that emanate from the local school board, state laws, federal mandates, and court mandates
  • Shall temporarily perform any duties, as directed, within the authorization of any credentials held by the incumbent which are registered with the Office of the Aberdeen Superintendent of Schools and which are a part of the class description requirements in effect at the time such duties are performed
  • Assists the superintendent with administering the certificated and classified grievance procedure; serves as a resource and provides technical advice to district personnel involved in, or concerned with, grievance proceedings.
  • Attends and is involved in Closed Session with Board Members, the Superintendent, and selected staff/persons
  • Advises and assists superintendent and principals in developing and evaluating programs addressing attendance, suspensions, and discipline, as well as resolving instructional issues
  • Represents, with superintendent’s approval, the district to state and federal agencies
  • Evaluates the performance of subordinate personnel.
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the superintendent 

  • Master’s Degree  and (3) years teaching experience and at least Mississippi AA – Administrator certification 

  • District policies and procedures, goals and objectives, organizational structure and functions, and negotiated contracts
  • Leadership skills in facilitating group processes, including consensus building and conflict resolution
  • Effective administrative and managerial practices and the ability to implement them
  • The fundamental principles and accepted practices, current trends, literature, and research in the field(s) of student achievement, school reform, and professional learning communities
  • Staff development and in-service resources and the ability to implement them
  • Federal, state, and local policies, rules, laws, regulations, and legislation pertaining to alternative and Special Education
  • Budget preparation and control
  • Fundamental principles and accepted practices, current trends, literature and research in the areas of instructional programs, curriculum and measurement, and evaluation strategies. Be aware of the curriculum, district instructional objectives, and Best Practices and strategies
  • Educationally based legislation
  • Negotiation practices and techniques relating to employees in public education 

  • Maintain integrity in dealing with confidential matters
  • Provide administrative leadership at the executive level including decision-making, problem solving, and delegation of authority
  • Work effectively and cooperatively with diverse racial, ethnic, socio-economic, linguistic, and disability groups
  • Observe, evaluate, and utilize subordinates effectively
  • Make formal, public presentations
  • Communicate and work effectively with district personnel, parents, community representatives, supervisors, peers, teachers, students and other stakeholders, both individually and as a group
  • Compose and comprehend written communication
  • Effectively utilize computer technologies     
  • Cope with crisis situations and the need to make immediate decisions
  • Cope with high volume work and multiple tasks
  • Travel to other sites/locations
  • Articulate and enact a vision for public education that includes high standards for academic performance and a commitment to excellence
  • Demonstrate strong technical skills and interpersonal competence in instructional design, curriculum development, and evaluation research
  • Coordinate the development and improvement of the district’s instructional program in the specific area for which responsible, including administrative development, instructional services, and educational program evaluation
  • Plan, organize, supervise, coordinate, and evaluate activities and programs
  • Plan, organize, prioritize, and manage time for self and others
  • Utilize appropriate interpersonal style and methods to guide individuals and groups toward task accomplishment

  • Satisfactory background check; certification of any diplomas or degrees indicated as a position qualification. 
    Aberdeen School District is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action/Title IX Employer and Tobacco/Drug/Gun Free Work Place
    All federally funded incumbents of this position must comply with time and effort reporting requirements through personnel activity reports or periodic certification, as appropriate.

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