Certified School Librarian

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Position Areas
Pupil Services


Job Goal:              

To provide all students with an enriched library environment containing a wide variety of materials that will invite intellectual growth and to aid all students in acquiring the skills needed to take full advantage of media center resources.


Management Responsibilities

•     Operates and supervises the media center to which assigned

•     Maintains a comprehensive and efficient system for cataloging all media center materials and instructs teachers and students on use of the system

•     Arranges frequently changing book-related displays and exhibits likely to interest the media center's patrons

•     Removes obsolete and worn materials from the library/media center collection

•     Supervises the clerical routines necessary for the smooth operation of the media center

•     Maintains files of catalog cards, vertical file material, and publishers' catalogs

•     Monitors attendance in the media center and keeps attendance records

•     Shelve incoming materials

•     Organizes and implements an audiovisual aids program for general circulation, such a program to include use of films,filmstrips, recordings, transcriptions, tapes, slides, exhibits, posters, and other audio or visual instructional materials and equipment

•     Establishes efficient procedures for processing of requests for materials and for the maintenance of equipment



•      Participates at curriculum meetings

•      Conducts the annual inventory of media center materials and the preparation of missing materials and materials to be discarded

•      Serves as a consultant to all curriculum committees

•      Conducts at least one annual in-service workshop on the creation and design of the audiovisual materials, and conducts other in-service programs as may from time to time appear to the curriculum director as necessary or valuable

•      Interprets to the staff, the administration, and the public the objectives and facilities of the audiovisual program

•      Assumes responsibility for the inventory and maintenance of instructional materials and audiovisual equipment


Purchasing and Supplies

•      Evaluates, selects, and requisitions new media center materials

•      Prepares and administers the media center budget

•      Maintains current inventory of supplies and suggests items for acquisition as needed

•      Recommends purchase of, organizes, and catalogs all instructional materials and equipment and circulates such catalogs throughout the school

•      Conducts a continuous evaluation of materials and equipment so that purchases may be made on an increasingly selective basis


Staff Support Services

•     Assists teachers in the selection of books and other instructional materials, and makes media center materials available to supplement the instructional program

•     Informs teachers and other staff members concerning new materials the media center acquires

•     Arranges for interlibrary loan of materials or interest or use to teachers

•     Works with teachers in planning those assignments likely to lead to extended use of media center resources

•     Presents and discusses materials with a class studying a particular topic, on the invitation of the teacher

•     Serves as a consultant to principals and teachers so that they may be properly instructed as to materials and equipment available, their mechanical care and operation, and their educational use, as well as to help them develop and use audiovisual materials of their own creation

•     Works with building principals and department heads to stimulate better and more effective use of items from the center


Student Support Services

•     Promotes appropriate conduct of students using media center facilities

•     Helps students to develop habits of independent reference work and to develop skill in the use of reference materials in relation to planned assignments

•     Counsels with and gives reading guidance to students who have special reading problems or unusual intellectual interests

•      Helps students locate reference materials and other instructional materials

•      Reads to small groups of students (elementary school centers only)

 •      Performs others duties as assigned by the Principal, the Assistant Principal, the Superintendent, the Deputy Superintendent, and other designated supervisor

If you are intested in applying for a postion at Hazlehurst City School District, please apply online at http://www.hazlehurst.k12.ms.us or apply in person at the Central Office located at 119 Robert McDaniel Drive, Hazlehurst, MS 39083.  If you have any questions or technical dificulties, please feel free to contact Tiffany Hicks or Tony Foster at 601-894-1152.

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