JobID 451 : Child Nutrition Director (#412403)

Posted 2 years ago

Job Description:  Child Nutrition Director

The CN Director will have the responsibility of developing, administering, and supervising the district-wide program.

Minimum of a B.S. degree with an emphasis in food and nutrition or food systems management or a related field of study
Twelve hours of food and nutrition or food systems management and six hours in business management or accounting
ServSafe certified
Valid MS certificate or eligible for a Administrator and Manager's certificate
Minimum 5 years experience in the food service industry
Interpersonal skills and qualifying traits as a structured, organized, and effective leader
Must pass background check and fingerprinting process
Management and/or accounting experience preferred

? Follows all purchasing laws, statutes, and procedures
? Implements an organized, systematic plan for determining budgetary needs for programs supervised
? Maintains accurate financial statements
? Maintains financial records according to established time lines and procedures
? Follows established procedures for maintaining an appropriate fixed assets inventory
? Approves expenditures within established budget allocations
? Divides expenditures across the academic year

? Uses appropriate grammar and syntax – verbal and written
? Communicates pertinent information from meetings, conferences, and other sources in a timely and accurate manner
? Provides communication on a monthly basis to the Superintendent, faculty, and staff associates
? Provides an opportunity for faculty and staff input and incorporate their recommendations into the decision-making process where appropriate

? Plans, organizes and administers all phases of the Child Nutrition program
? Responsible for purchasing, training, employee supervision, and financial management
? Evaluates all phases of the school system’s Child Nutrition programs
? Ensures through nutritional analysis of foods that the menus meet the nutritional requirements of the students
? Supervises special contract activities and special functions
? Reviews disbursement of Child Nutrition funds
? Plans and develops the Child Nutrition budget in coordination with Superintendent
? Coordinates the ordering and delivery of food and supplies
? Offers guidance to principals and leadership to Child Nutrition managers and staff
? Performs evaluations of the individual school feeding programs
? Assists the Child Nutrition Managers with training and management problems
? Plans, develops, and establishes staff development programs
? Recommends possible enrichment training programs
? Checks and tests products to determine if food and supplies specified on bids are being received in the schools
? Develops bid specifications, evaluates bid proposals for food, supplies and equipment, and critiques the quality of food and supplies
? Annually completes contracts application and agreement for the SFA to sign and send to the State Department of Education
? Prepares SFA’s policy statement for provision of free and reduced meals and provides approved policy statement to all participating schools
? Distributes copies of applications for free and reduced price meals, together with copies of the State Administrative Guidance materials to all participating schools
? Advises all parents concerning the types of  CN programs available at the school and surveys the need for additional programs when these are not available
? Distributes at the beginning of each school year application for free and reduced price meals to each student enrolled in school
? Reviews and approves, in accordance with State administrative guidance materials, each application for free and reduced price meals.
? Verifies with the applying parent any incomplete, illegible, or questionable information entered on the application for free and reduced price meals
? Approves all eligible, complete applications and denies all applications which do not meet eligibility guidelines; (Such approval or denial must be entered on the application in the appropriate areas and parents must be notified in writing within ten (10) working days after the completed application has been returned to the schools.)
? Ensures that all children within a family in a SFA with income applications receive the same benefits
? Develops and implements appropriate hearing procedures and implements a standard review procedure to be used in the approval of applications for free and reduced price meals; monitors school procedures in the approval of applications for free and reduced price meals, collection procedures for meal payment, point of service count and avoidance of overt identification of needy children
? Develops and implements a verification procedure to confirm eligibility for free and reduced price meal recipients
? Establishes a procedure for obtaining accurate meal counts at the serving line so that accurate reports of daily student participation by category are entered on the daily reporting form (Form SFS-6 or SFS-6a)
? Maintains all records pertaining to Child Nutrition programs (including menus, product records, invoices, bills, financials reports and inventories) for three (3) years, plus the current school year
? Verifies and consolidates schools’ monthly reports of participation and claims for reimbursement; promptly submits the SFA’s consolidated monthly claim
? Consolidates schools’ financial data each month; submitting report to State Department; documenting reported income and expenditures and retaining documentation for three (3) years, plus current operating year
? Reviews and approves building and renovation lay-outs, plans and purchasing contracts; reviews major food service equipment purchases; develops, implements and maintains an inventory control system for food service equipment.
? Establishes and implements purchasing procedures in compliance with State and Federal regulations
? Establishes standard procedures for maintaining inventories of purchases, food and government-donated foods and supplies
? Provides alternate meal services (plate lunch and box lunch, salad plate and regular plate lunch) to increase participation
? Organizes student advisory councils to assist in menu planning, publicity and observance of special days in the cafeteria
? Maintains a regular schedule of on-site visits to participating schools; monitors and schedules follow-up visits to schools to insure program compliance; accompanies State and/or Federal representatives on local school visits
? Develops standard policies regarding employment practices, grievance procedures, supervision, and training of Child Nutrition personnel
? Maintains liaison with parents, students, community groups, and the administration to promote good public relations
? Remains informed concerning Federal and State regulations and policies concerning various Child Nutrition programs

? Assist child nutrition office personnel with their duties when needed.
? Help to interview personnel for the child nutrition department
? Teach personnel use of computer/software program and how to maintain reports.
? Assist with the interpretation of district cost allocation and analysis.
? Direct and Assist the District Manager in the Training process in the Production Kitchens where all new managers and staff are trained for a minimum of 9 to12 w
? Responsible for training and supervision of employees
? Assist with the Responsibility for financial management of cafeteria sites
? Assist with the evaluation of every aspect of the school system’s Child Nutrition programs
? Supervise special contract activities and special functions
? Plan and develop the Child Nutrition budget
? Assist Child Nutrition managers with training and management problems
? Plan, develop, and establish staff development programs
? Recommend possible enrichment training programs for staff members
? Check and test products to determine if food and supplies specified on bids are being received in the schools
? Advise all parents concerning the types of child nutrition programs available at the school and survey the need for additional programs when these are not available

? Selects and utilizes personnel to meet the needs of the district
? Administers the finances and resources of the school with sound fiscal management and educational practices
? Achieves maximum results for available resources and money spent
? Protects instructional time
? Understands and utilizes the available technology of the school; (the focus of technology is on student achievement)
? Plans for maximum effectiveness in all school areas
? Organizes daily, monthly, and yearly schedules to facilitate learning and teaching in the schools

? Informs the community about school and organizational goals throughout the school year

? Evaluates program needs and plans suitable professional development activities; (actively participates and contributes in meetings)
? Participates  in activities that will enhance administrative skills so as to promote the educational development of each student

? Studies and follows district policies applicable to the operation of a school as established by the Board of Education
? Supervises and maintains upkeep and cleanliness of facilities
? Follows any further rules or requirements as set forth by the Superintendent
? Performs any other tasks as required by the Superintendent

? Twelve months year.  Salary and work year to be established by the Board of Education.