Special Education Teacher - Middle School

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Position Areas
Special Education


The Special Education Teacher is responsible for:

1.                  Designing and modifying instruction to meet each student's special needs.

2.                  Working with students who have other special instructional needs, including those who are gifted and talented.

3.                  Designing curriculum, assigning work geared to each student's disability, and grading papers and homework assignments.

4.                  Utilizing various teaching techniques, depending on nature of disability, to promote learning.

5.                  Attending staff meetings and serving on staff committees as required.

6.                  Other professional duties as assigned by the Principal and Special Education Director.


The Special Educational Teacher will:

1.                  Be interested in the work of the school, strongly committed to moral values. 

2.                  Be dedicated to providing an excellent early educational foundation for children that will enable them to be motivated and excited learners.

3.                  Establish and maintain work performance standards in line with those standards established by the Academy. 

4.                  Communicate effectively with the students and parents regarding information, policies and procedures. 

5.                  Demonstrate the willingness and ability to work with people in a team environment. 

6.                  Assure confidentiality of all student and school privileged information                     

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