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Non-Instructional Support


License and Certification Qualifications: None required.

Education Qualifications: High school diploma or equivalent required.

Experience Qualifications: Experience with special needs students preferred.

Skills Qualifications: Ability to follow oral and written instructions quickly and accurately; ability to work with students who have special needs in a transportation environment; basic knowledge of transportation operations and equipment, medical and assistive equipment, first aid, student behavioral management, and emergency procedures; strong interpersonal skills; ability to take directions; and ability to exhibit a positive attitude.

Primary Responsibilities: Provide emergency support to medically fragile students and intervention to other students whose Individualized Education Program (IEP) requires constant attention while riding, loading, and unloading the school bus.

1.        Assist bus manager with students while riding, loading, and unloading the bus.
       a.        Maintain knowledge of each student and individual needs.

       b.        Monitor and assist students while loading and unloading occurs.

       c.        Monitor and maintain student safety while on the bus.

       d.        Maintain positive relationship with students.

       e.        Ensure all students and equipment are properly restrained for transport.

f.        Operate lift and other bus equipment to ensure safe delivery of students on and off of bus.

2.        Monitor status of students on the bus and provide assistance or notify qualified personnel as required.

a.        Maintain knowledge of each student's condition and requirements while being transported.

b.        Respond to immediate cases of student need of a minor, non-medical nature while in transport.

c.        Notify properly trained and certified personnel of medical or other serious needs and provide immediate interim care as directed by qualified personnel.

3.        Assist bus manager with responsibility for all equipment.

       a.        Assist bus manager in inspecting and maintaining assigned bus and equipment.

       b.        Maintain knowledge of operation of bus communications and safety equipment.

       c.        Assist in proper operation of bus in confined spaces or while backing as required.

       d.        Maintain knowledge of fueling and other fleet maintenance procedures.

4.        Maintain knowledge of routes, riders, and emergency plans.

a.        Maintain knowledge of route directions and assist bus manager or substitute bus manager in running of assigned route.

b.        Maintain knowledge of student names, addresses, pick-up/drop off times, and points of contact.

c.        Maintain knowledge of and demonstrates ability to conduct Emergency Bus Evacuation Procedures.

5.        Attend meeting and training sessions as directed by supervisory personnel.

6.        Perform other duties as assigned.

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