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License and Certification Qualifications: Commercial Driver's License (CDL) with Passenger and School (P&S) Bus endorsements required.

Education Qualifications: High school diploma or equivalent required.

Experience Qualifications: Three years of carrying an unrestricted driver's license required.

Skills Qualifications: Ability to communicate in English both orally and in writing; strong interpersonal skills; ability to take directions; and ability to exhibit a positive attitude.

Primary Responsibilities: Manage and safely transport students to and from school on a daily basis, provide safe transportation for different educational activities, manage student behavior and intervention while in loco parentis, and represent the school system in a professional manner.

1.        Supervise and manage students during all bus routes.
a.        Provide thorough bus instructions to ensure smooth operations.

b.        Provide behavioral management techniques and corrective actions when appropriate.
2.        Ensure safe loading and unloading of students.  

a.        Use extreme concentration when transporting students during all routes.

b.        Count each student from the stop onto the bus or from the bus until safely positioned at the bus stop while maintaining control of the students still on the bus.

c.        Monitor surrounding traffic to ensure no unsafe acts are occurring.  

3.        Maintain student and equipment securement.  

a.        Ensure that each student is safely and appropriately seated within the seat compartment.
b.        Ensure that all equipment including book bags, models, and musical instruments are secured within the seating compartment.

4.        Responsible for continual safe driving when transporting students.
a.        Operate commercial motor vehicle in compliance with federal, state, and local laws to protect the student passengers, the general public, and the school system from harm.
b.        Participate in 70 to 90 hours of initial training as well as 20 to 40 hours of professional development each year to maintain safe driving skills.
c.        Ensure a passing status for annual qualification physical, demonstrate current proficiency by passing annual driving skills exam, and submit to random, unannounced drug and alcohol tests.

5.        Oversee student behavior management.  

      a.        Ensure no distractions exist during bus routes.

b.        Monitor student behavior on the bus and protect students from inappropriate actions of other students.

c.        Maintain consistent standards of conduct throughout the school system.  

d.        Utilize student behavior management to include student developmental levels in an effort to prevent discipline issues from developing, to intervene early in their development of behavior issues to reduce their growth, and to provide for consistent and appropriate consequences if the behavior escalates.  

6.        Provide ongoing communications with dispatchers.

      a.        Communicate with dispatchers through radio use, students through personal contact, school administrators through personal and written contact, and parents through personal, telephonic, and written means.

7.        Provide safety and emergency training to all students.

      a.        Train students on the proper way to ride a school bus during the first week of school, including loading and unloading protocol, proper seating, railroad crossings, and various other issues.  

      b.        Provide ongoing emergency training concerning the actions to be taken in various emergency situations on a monthly basis.

      c.        Provide emergency evacuation training that is simulated monthly and practiced twice a year.

8.        Maintain student confidentiality concerning any issues occurring during routes.

9.        Act as a school system ambassador.
      a.        Act in a professional and courteous manner.
      b.        Treat all individuals with respect and patience.

10.        Prepare pre-trip and post-trip inspections.
      a.        Perform and log physical inspections of the soundness and safety of each vehicle prior to operations and after operations, including inspections in the morning before routes and after routes, and in the afternoon before         and after routes.  

11. Provide fleet maintenance support for the Transportation Department.

      a.        Issue, receive, install, remove, inspect, and clean special needs equipment for drivers.

      b.        Remove, install, and adjust seats and mirrors.

      c.        Add fuel and fluids and replace light bulbs.

      d.        Clean vehicle interior, exterior, and engine compartment.

      e.        Detail vehicle interiors and exteriors.

      f.        Receive and record driver inspection/discrepancy reports.

      g.        Track maintenance status.

      h.        Coordinate vehicle movements.

      i.        Issue and return spare vehicles.

      j.        Deliver parts to shops and clean shops.

      k.        Perform other tasks as needed if approved in advance by transportation line management.

12.        Perform other duties as assigned.

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