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MissionOne temporary personnel work with individual students with special needs to facilitate successful education and foster growth and independence. Temporary personnel support their student’s academic, physical, social, behavioral, and personal needs. In addition to student aide, they provide academic reinforcement of teacher instruction and assist with administrative tasks as required. MissionOne seeks employees who are highly educated and well­ versed in behavior management and supporting students with various disabilities, including autism, Asperger syndrome, limited mobility, anxiety disorders. Individuals with prior experience in special education and executing students’ IEPs are highly preferred. MissionOne temporary personnel are well-prepared to meet each student's needs, improving learning and carefully implementing individualized education programs. MissionOne employees must exemplify the best qualities of adaptability, organization, positivity, compassion, patience, and knowledge of special education needs.

  • Working under the explicit direction of the classroom teacher/ program supervisor to support students with special needs
  • Implementing and adhering to student's IEPs
  • Utilizing assistive technologies and equipment to promote equal and effective student learning
  • Facilitating student communication, performance, independence, and hygiene through personalized assistance
  • Collecting data, goals, objectives and student progress and reporting to the teacher/program supervisor
  • Understanding the signs of, and acting appropriately in response to harassment, intimidation, and bullying among students
  • Supporting the teacher in all facets and perform additional tasks as required to maintain a safe, effective learning environment
  • Assisting students with physical demands, which may include toileting, positioning, feeding, and escorting students
  • Exercising flexibility in hours and location, supporting student needs during special events and outside of school as necessary

  • Criminal Background Investigation Form 
  • Howard County Department of Social Services Release of Information Form
  • Maryland Judiciary Case Search
  • National and State Sex Offender Registry
  • Howard County Department of Social Services Child Abuse and/or Neglect Background Check
  • State and FBI Fingerprint Criminal Background Check

Why Work for MissionOne?
MissionOne was established in 2009 with the vision of helping all students achieve their maximum potential. A leader in the field of educational staffing and management, MissionOne enhances the quality of student support by providing highly skilled paraprofessional, clerical, and other support personnel to school districts. As a MissionOne employee, you will enjoy the security of working in a permanent position. We will give you the individualized attention and ongoing support that you need to succeed!

MissionOne is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE). Qualified applicants are considered for employment without regard to age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, disability or veteran status.  

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