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Non-Instructional Support


January 2020

Title:                                        Night-Time Custodian for Platte Valley Middle School

  1. High School Diploma required.
  2. Be knowledgeable regarding basic school plant maintenance.
  3. Have basic knowledge of equipment for good housekeeping.
  4. Willing to work any shift and any days.
  5. Custodian needs to be able to lift a minimum of 50 lbs.
  6. Be able to work on elevated surfaces. 

Terms of Employment:
  1. Notice of Assignment shall be for 12 months
  2. Compensation and leave benefits will be according to the adopted Classified Salary Schedule.
  3. Those new to the district are required to through a background check as per board policy. 

Reports to:                              High School Building Maintenance Supervisor
Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. The custodian shall be responsible to clean an assigned building area. (Ex.; pick up garbage, sweep, vacuum, mop, clean classrooms/restrooms).
  2. The custodian shall be responsible for cleaning the litter and debris from the assigned grounds area.
  3. The custodian shall report to the building supervisor any repair work needed in the assigned area.
  4. The custodian shall maintain an adequate amount of supplies and report needed items to the maintenance supervisor.
  5. The custodian shall sanitize all fountain and restroom areas in assigned area.
  6. The custodian shall work to eliminate all safety hazards that exist in the assigned building and grounds areas such as: broken glass, icy walks and steps, etc.
  7. The custodian shall help with setup and tear down of equipment and furniture for activity events.
  8. The custodian shall assume responsibilities for unlocking the building during the morning shift and locking and securing the buildings during the evening shift.
  9. Perform all other duties as assigned by the Building Maintenance Supervisor.  

Night Time Custodian
Job Tasks Descriptions:
1.    Sweep and mop (Broom 1.4 lbs. And Mop 7 lbs. Wet)
2.    Monitor hallways and restrooms for trash and liquid spills
3.    Vacuum with backpack vacuum (12 lbs. Full) or use upright vacuum
       (26 lbs. full, 15 lbs. Push, 12 lbs. Pull on carpet)
4.    Run supplies, accept deliveries, clean up body excrement, etc.
9.    Clean entryways to include sweeping, vacuuming, and cleaning
10.   Pick up and dump outside trash into dumpsters.


Activity Stadium Custodian (as needed)
  1. Vacuum with backpack vacuum (12 lbs. Full) or use upright vacuum (26 lbs. full, 15 lbs. Push, 12 lbs. Pull on carpet)
  1. Sweep and mop (Broom 1.4 lbs. And Mop 7 lbs. Wet)
  1. Dust, clean counter tops in Press Box, clean windows, replace paper towels (roll weight 4 lbs.), and empty trash cans.
  1. Clean restrooms to include counter, sinks, and mirrors (waist high or above); clean urinals, toilets, etc. (may require stooping or bending).

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Position – open until filled

Platte Valley Schools is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Platte Valley Schools ensures equal employment opportunities regardless of race, creed, sex, color, national origin, religion, age, sexual orientation or disability. The District has a policy of active recruitment of qualified minority teachers and non-certified employees. Any individual needing assistance in making application for any opening should contact the district office.

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