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Position Areas
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Position Overview
The District Principal leads and manages multiple campuses called sites in a given catchment area. Typically 2 – 5 sites per area. All within 2 – 4 hours driving distance or a 1 – 2 hour direct flight.
The campuses encompass Years 3-12 (K-12 in the Caribbean). The District Principal works closely with the Campus Principals, Staff, CA, Directors, and the Brethren community who have a keen interest in the school and who provide support both financially and in practical ways.
The District Principal is responsible for curriculum delivery, implementation of modern learning techniques and working to encourage the best possible academic results from campuses in their district. They will also work with campus staff to develop areas for students to grow and develop personally, and to engage in their own areas of interest. They will be in frequent contact with each Campus Principal, supporting them to meet strategic, annual and School goals. They will also be involved in the selection, appointment, appraisal and professional development of staff.
Position Purpose
The District Principal is responsible for the management and professional leadership of the campuses on a day to day basis; ensures the delivery of the curriculum with a focus on the student as a self-directed learner, the implementation of the School’s policies and programs and the provision of pastoral care.
Dimensions of the Position
Number of Direct Reports                   Teachers and Campus Admin staff
Internal Liaison                                   Educational Directors, Regional Management Team, National Support                            Office
External Liaison                                   Education Authorities
Special Dimensions of the Role

  • Must be a licensed principal through the state, province, or country
  • Spend 3 - 5 days per month at each campus or more as required. The District Principal can make a determination on how to structure the travel to ensure that the outcomes are met. This flexibility will ensure that the campus visits are strategically planned to meet the needs of the campus and District Principal.   Day trips via car and plane are encouraged, but there could be times where the campus visit will result with overnight stays.   
  • Ability to attend after hours meetings with staff, students, and parents
  • Preparing monthly district summary reports to the Education Director
Key Accountabilities
  1. Supports and respects the School’s Ethos, Values and Guiding Principles
  2. Professional and instructional leadership is provided
  3. Staff are led by a dynamic district principal who will work closely with the Campus Principal to strengthen the development of the team.
  4. Supports each Campus Principal and Campus Administrator in the management of human resources. i.e. recruitment, selection, appraisal, professional development. Works with Educational Director to ensure recruitment and contractual requirements are fulfilled.
  5. Communication and relationships at all levels are strengthened
  6. Statutory and reporting requirements are met
Resources and assets are managed

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