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Position Areas
Substitute Teacher


Reports To:     Building Principal and Administrators
School District 302 adheres to the expectations for professional competence as reflected in the Components of Professional Practice (see below), described in the text Enhancing Professional Practice: A Framework for Teaching by Charlotte Danielson (ASCD 2007). This framework defines what School Nurses should know and be able to do in the exercise of their profession.  The framework is split into four Domains and twenty-two Components that define our expectations for School Nurses.  Each component is further clarified by describing Elements within each Component. Refer to the text, Enhancing Professional Practice: A Framework for Teaching by Charlotte Danielson, for detailed rubrics defining Unsatisfactory, Basic, Proficient, and Distinguished levels of performance for each element. 
Components for Professional Practice:
Planning and Preparation

  • Demonstrating medical knowledge and skill in nursing techniques.
  • Demonstrating knowledge of child and adolescent development.
  • Establishing goals for the nursing program appropriate to the setting and the students served.
  • Demonstrating knowledge of government, community, and district regulations and resources.
  • Planning the nursing program for both individuals and groups of students, integrated with the regular school program.
  • Developing a plan to evaluate the nursing program.
The Environment
  • Creating an environment of respect and rapport.
  • Establishing a culture of health and wellness.
  • Following health protocols and procedures.
  • Supervising health and associates.
  • Organizing physical space.
Delivery of Service
  • Assessing students needs.
  • Administering medications to students.
  • Facilitating and promoting wellness through individual counseling, classes or classroom presentations.
  • Managing emergency situations.
  • Demonstrating flexibility and responsiveness.
  • Collaborating with teachers to develop specialized educational programs and services for students with diverse medical needs.
Professional Responsibilities
  • Reflecting on practice.
  • Maintaining health records in accordance with policy and submitting reports in a timely fashion.
  • Communicating with families.
  • Participating in a professional community. 
  • Engaging in professional development.
  • Showing professionalism. 
It is expected that all school nurses will conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.  In addition to demonstrating professional competence, school nurses in School District 302 are expected to:
  • adhere to established federal, state and district laws, policies, rules and regulations;
  • implement Board approved curriculum;
  • attend a curriculum night/open house;
  • demonstrate satisfactory patterns of attendance;
  • demonstrate punctuality in reporting to job assignments;
  • maintain respectful, professional, and ethical behavior with colleagues, administrators, parents, and students;


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