2020-21 School Bus Operator (Ongoing Shortage Area)

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School Bus Operator

Our Vision for Transformation:

All children in Jefferson Parish deserve a world-class education. In order to achieve this vision, Jefferson Parish Public Schools is launching a bold transformation of its district management and support system toward a network model that will most effectively serve the needs of schools, educators, and most importantly, students.


Position Description:

Reporting to the Executive Director of Transportation in the Operations Unit as well as school-based administration, the School Bus Operator is responsible for transporting students safely and insuring the vehicle is in clean, safe operating condition at all times while abiding by federal, state, local, and district procedures, policies, and regulations.

Scope of Responsibility:

{C}{C}         Maintain complete control of the vehicle at all times and remain alert.  Apply additional driving measures and evacuation procedures when necessary.

{C}{C}         Maintain control of passenger conduct and ensure safety of passengers while en route; and complete assigned route adhering to time schedule

{C}{C}         Supervise bus attendant and transportation support personnel when loading and unloading passengers in wheelchairs using the lift.  Supervise bus attendant to maneuver chairs on ramps, curbs, and inside bus.  Ensure bus attendant and transportation support personnel properly secure passengers' wheelchairs and all protective safety devices, car seats, lap belts, and T-straps.  Maintain a professional team supervisory relationship with all assigned bus personnel.

{C}{C}         Provide care and assistance to passengers when entering and leaving the bus, during transport, and when crossing the street.  Greet each passenger daily while maintaining superior public relations with students, parents, school personnel, and district staff.  Notify parents/guardians of bus stop pick-up/drop-off time and location. Maintain confidentiality of student information.

{C}{C}         Inspect and ensure all equipment, instruments, safety devices, and vehicles meet requirements and are properly operating before and after driving duties in accordance with federal, state, and local laws, regulations, policies, and guidelines.  Maintain adequate levels of fuel, engine, oil, and coolant.  Clean interior and exterior of bus. Obtain annual and mid-year inspection prior to the specified due date.

{C}{C}         Abide by all traffic regulations and laws.

{C}{C}         Accurately prepare and submit all required reports adhering to indicated deadlines.  Attend and actively participate in all conferences, meetings, and professional development activities.

{C}{C}         Report emergencies, breakdowns, delays, accidents, and absences to the Executive Director or designated office personnel. 

{C}{C}         {C}Performs other duties as assigned by the Executive Director of Transportation and school-based administration.

Skills and Qualifications:

We seek detail-oriented, independent self-starters who demonstrate an unwavering commitment to raising student achievement and who have a record of high performance in challenging situations. Successful candidates will also demonstrate:

{C}{C}         3+ years of progressively increasing experience in school transportation services.

{C}{C}         Strong communication skills in multiple settings and the ability to be an engaging change agent and culture-creator that can inspire and motivate.

  • Exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills, with an ability to use quantitative and qualitative data to make decisions and recommendations.
  • Collaborative management style, with a proven track record of working with diverse individuals at all levels to drive decision-making and results.

{C}{C}         High degree of professionalism, with the ability to manage multiple competing priorities, while consistently demonstrating sound judgment and disciplined thinking.

{C}{C}         {C}Possess a current, valid Commercial Driver's License (CDL) class B or higher with passenger, school bus, and air brake endorsements and without weight limitation.

{C}{C}         Successful annual completion of CDL physical examination.

{C}{C}         Successful completion of all required school bus driver training courses and re-certification programs as mandated by the Louisiana Department of Education.

{C}{C}         Acceptable driving record.

{C}{C}         Ability to lift up to 40 pounds.

{C}{C}         High school diploma or general education degree (GED).


JPPSS offers a competitive salary that is commensurate with experience. JPPSS also offers a competitive benefits package.


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