Volunteer Football Coach (Kingdom Square Saints)

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Coaching Football with young student athletes

  • Coaches are considered a role model for young student athletes assigned to your team; therefore, citizenship, sportsmanship, fair play, and full participation is mandatory. 
  • Positions: QB, RB, WR, OL, DL, LB, DB
Programs Core Values: Faith, Character, Citizenship, Sportsmanship, Fundamentals

Responsibilities: 12-15 hours a week
  • Teach young student athletes the fundamentals of football
  • Provide a safe and fun learning environment for young student athletes
  • Schedule and conduct parent and other necessary meetings
  • Schedule and plan practices for football season
  • Learn and follow all league rules, policies, and procedures
  • Attend all league functions and participate in league activities
  • Evaluate players skills, practice plans, and game plans
  • Arrive to activities and events 15 minutes early to be prepared
  • Successfully complete application procedures and pass background check
  • Attend all required coaching clinics and meetings
  • Successfully complete the online USA football certification (required by league)
Position Requirements:
  • Motivate athletes
  • Communicate effectively
  • Use time efficently and effectively
  • Develop an apropriate level of technical knowledge
  • Observe and analyze skills and make improvements
  • Use appropriate equipment 

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