Science Teacher Part-Time (DI) Certified

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Job Title:                               Science Teacher

Location/Worksite:              Grand Rapids Ellington Academy of Arts & Technology, Grand Rapids, MI,

Type of Employment:           Part-Time


West Michigan's first and finest performing arts charter academy, Grand Rapids Ellington Academy of Arts and Technology is seeking highly qualified Science faculty. Join an innovative new Charter Academy, and be a part of a learning culture that will introduce students to the study of the arts and technology, integrated in a rigorous college-ready academic curriculum. Ellington will provide students with the global inspiration to tap into the amazing capability of every student and that will cultivate an intimate learning environment focused on each individual student.


REPORTS TO: School Leader


A. Instructional Process

Doing whatever it takes to ensure that every student for which the teacher has responsibility succeeds academically and socially.  Challenging students to produce high quality work by developing academic competencies, exploring their interests, and expanding their knowledge, by enabling them to pursue learning that connects to their interests and passions.  Develop and apply innovative approaches to including art and technology in all teaching and projects.  Plans and implements a program of instruction that adheres to the district's philosophy, goals and objectives as outlined in the adopted courses of study. Makes thoughtfully prepared, high-quality lesson plans, which provide for effective teaching strategies and maximizes time on task, including meeting the needs of the urban learner. Plans and implements a program of study designed to meet individual needs of students. Develop materials as needed for all academic subjects to ensure excellent opportunities for students to master material.  Create a classroom environment conducive to learning by employing prescribed teaching strategies. Encourages student enthusiasm for the learning process and the development of good study habits; provides progress and interim reports as required. Prepares substitute folder containing appropriate information as requested by the building principal. Plans and prescribes purposeful assignments for paraprofessionals, tutors, and volunteers as needed. Recognizes learning problems and make referrals as appropriate; demonstrates a strong grasp of subject matter; uses effective oral and written expression. Develop strong relationships with students and parents, including planning and coordinating 20 hours of parental involvement for the classroom and Academy.  Creating an Individual Learning Plan for each student in collaboration with the student and the student's parents or guardian with a focus on academic achievement, Arts and Technology.  Employing the selected instruments for ongoing assessment of student work.

B. Classroom Management

Establish and maintain a harmonious classroom atmosphere that is conducive to learning and enhances student self esteem.  Develops, in accordance with district and building guidelines, reasonable rules of classroom behavior and appropriate discipline techniques, which are consistently applied. Takes necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students, equipment, materials and facilities. Maintaining appropriate student conduct supportive of individual and group learning.  Share responsibility during the school day for supervision of students in all areas of the Academy. Provides for the supervision of assigned students when circumstances require a brief absence from the assignment. Creating and maintaining communication via a web page, including lesson plans, homework assignments and classroom highlights.  Promote character development by establishing an atmosphere of integrity, high expectations, and sensitivity.  Maintain a neat, orderly, functional, cheerful-looking classroom.

C. Public Relations

Upholds administrative procedures, and Academy rules and regulations; and is supportive of them to the public. Maintains appropriate work habits, including regular and punctual attendance and appropriate use of conference and planning time. Strives to communicate the positive aspects of our Academy program to the public in word and deed. Works cooperatively with parents to strengthen the educational program for their students. Establish and maintain effective written and oral communication and rapport with students, parents and colleagues.  Establishes and maintains cooperative relations with other staff.

D. Professional Growth

Continues professional growth by participating in the Academy's training.   Serve as a role model for all students and within Academy community.  Participate in cooperative efforts, among teachers, non-instructional staff, and students with regard to curriculum, programmatic development and improvement, performance data analysis and extracurricular activities.  Attend staff and committee meetings and professional development activities after and before school as required and including weekly PD, to meet student needs.

F. Student Evaluation

Assess student learning and check frequently for mastery of material.  Evaluates accomplishments of students on a regular basis using multiple assessment methods such as teacher-made test, sample of students work, mastery skills check lists, criterion-referenced tests and norm-referenced tests. Make appropriate adjustments in the instructional program based on assessed results. Performs duties necessary to maintain the accountability required for the instructional program and as required by the building principal. Respects the confidentiality of records and information regarding students and parents.

Assignment at this Academy will require:

       Additional professional development time beyond what is required, including trainings that will occur during the summer, during the Academy year after school and possibly on weekends.

       Staff also will be required to participate in the evaluation and update of curriculum.

       Staff will be required to participate in afterschool activities, programs, classes that will cover the following areas: theatre, broadcasting, journalism, and recording.

       Staff will be required to wear professional dress and as needed, uniform shirt.


Relentless focus on student results

Bachelor's Degree and valid Teaching Certificate/Licensure in subject area of instruction

Demonstrated ability to communicate and work effectively with parents

Demonstrated ability to adapt to individuals specific needs

Demonstrated ability to use & integrate arts and technology in classroom and project instruction

Demonstrated ability to adapt to differences and changes in characteristics of students, programs, leadership, staff and community

Demonstrated ability to utilize varied teaching methodologies to accommodate students' unique learning styles

Demonstrated ability to evaluate tests and measurements of achievement

Demonstrated ability to work effectively as a team member

Demonstrated ability to responsibility contributes to an innovative environment.

Demonstrated ability to deliver curriculum to students in a way that ensures student success and innovate practices to integrate performing arts and technology in the curriculum.

Demonstrated effective use of informative assessments to maximize student learning.

Demonstrated knowledge of technology, including using student employment system and performance management tools.

Demonstrated accountability for student achievement.

Demonstrated understanding of standards based, performing arts and technology curriculum related to their discipline.

Required Criminal history background check.


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