Substitutes for Teachers or Teacher Assistants ($115 per day if certified / $65 per day if not certified)

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Substitute Teacher


Once application is complete please call the District 64 office to receive paperwork.

The Substitute Teacher Should:
  1. Sign the "Aesop Sign In Sheet" in each building office. When substituting in a middle school, a copy of the Guest Teacher's Handbook for the building will provide much useful information.
  2. The school day for the regular teacher begins one-half hour before class commences and ends twenty minutes after pupils are excused. Insofar as possible, the substitute should observe the regular teacher's hours for a school day. Wednesday early dismissal time for subs should be 20 minutes after class is dismissed for the day upon checking with the office to see if anything needs to be done during that time. Please see page 14 for time schedule. The earlier you can arrive before the children, the more it is to your advantage in making last minute preparations.  If for any reason it is necessary to leave the building earlier than 20 minutes after students' dismissal, please secure the principal' s approval.
  3. Check attendance at the beginning of the day and send it to the office. At Lincoln and Emerson Middle Schools, homeroom attendance should be taken and given to office.
  4. Follow through with the regular teacher's plans for the day unless a new unit has been planned. In this case, consult the principal.
  5. Assume the responsibilities of the regular teacher, i.e., recess duty, lunch duty, etc. The responsibilities of the regular teacher are not necessarily the same in the elementary and middle school. Require pupils to go outside after lunch unless a teacher gives special permission for them to remain inside. In stormy weather, check building policy.
  6. Remember it is important to keep the class going smoothly. Ask for the principal's assistance early rather than late.
  7. Refer notes from parents asking for special privileges, such as early dismissal, etc., to the principal or assistant principal for answers.
  8. Follow the classroom procedures for students using the washroom.
  9. Correct workbooks and papers, if requested by the teacher. Follow the procedures used by the teacher as much as possible. Leave these papers for the regular teacher to review. 
  10. Give passes for any irregular leaving of classrooms in the middle school, or for entrance to the building before school in the morning or during the noon hour. If pupils are to be in the classroom before or after school, a teacher must be there with them.
  11. Be aware of special duties which require some pupils to leave classrooms to serve as office helpers, patrol members, etc. The names of these pupils may be posted on the bulletin board for quick reference.
  12. Be aware of pupils involved in instrumental music lessons. Their names may be posted on the bulletin board or listed in the teacher's plan book with the time of their lessons indicated.  
  13. Stay with a child injured on the playground. Send to the office for help. For severe bleeding, apply pressure immediately, directly over the wound. In case of any injury or accident, notify the office immediately.  Contact the office and check with the school nurse before sending a child home or allowing a child to leave the school grounds during school hours. (see Bloodborne Pathogens on next page)
  14. See that the room is left in good order. Be sure windows are closed and locked.  
  15. Plan carefully if you are to be in a classroom for several days. Long periods of service in one assignment will require you to contact the regular teacher for her assistance in planning for the continued absence.  
  16. Fill out "Substitute's Report" and leave it on the teacher's desk at the end of the day. In case of extended service, fill it out on final day of the job. It is helpful to the absent teacher for the substitute to provide a written note indicating work accomplished, specific tasks not completed, problems or difficulties in the classroom, messages from students, parents, or other staff, etc. (Leave a note is form is missing).  
  17. Be aware that many people will hear your voice as speaking for the school system. Assume, with the school staff, a mutual responsibility for fostering good public relations.
  18. If assigned to one of the middle schools, consult the principal, team, department chairman, building handbook or guest handbook (substitute handbook) for information concerning: class roll, schedule, staff, assemblies, fire drills, library, lunch, make-up work, and other matters. Contact the office in case of an emergency.  
  19. Check with the office and / or other teachers at the elementary grade level regarding other supervision responsibilities, e.g., recess, bus duty, etc.  


Have some good learning experiences up your sleeve, just in case.

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