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Description: Classroom Assistant-Teacher in Training/Instructional Assistant

Job Summary: Every classroom has both a Classroom Teacher and an Instructional Assistant, which is what we call our "Teacher-in-Training position." The Instructional Assistant works closely with the classroom teacher, and he/she also teaches a small reading and math group daily. The Instructional Assistants receive the same extensive training and coaching that the classroom teachers do, and this gives them the opportunity to "have a foot in the door" for being promoted to classroom teachers as openings become available.  This training has drawn a number of very talented staff to start in this role (Instructional Assistant) which gives them valuable apprenticeship experience in our rigorous curricula, methodology, and school culture. We have a definite preference for promoting from within: most of our classroom teachers started their tenure at JICES as a Teacher-in-Training/Instructional Assistant.

Qualifications/Salary:  Teacher-in-Training/Instructional Assistants are paid a minimum of $12.32/hour.  Higher pay rates are possible depending on credentials. 

Benefits:  Teachers-in-Training/Instructional Assistants are full-time staff and also receive full benefits. Our benefit package is excellent -truly- and provides heath, dental, and limited vision benefits. James Irwin Charter Schools' benefits for full-time employees cover all the employee's costs for insurance. FT employees may choose from several options for their insurance plans, including a traditional co-pay plan or a Health Savings Account. There are 191 work days in the JICS working agreement. This extends from August to May. Full-time employees are paid monthly in 12 equal amounts, even during the months when school is no longer in session (June and July). This allows us to offer heath benefits over the summer when staff are not working.

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