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Teachers employed at Finn Academy: An Elmira Charter School will be responsible for delivering rigorous instruction aligned to the New York State Common Core Learning Standards, the Expeditionary Learning Core Practices, and the Finn Academy Curriculum Framework.  Teachers are expected to focus on three dimensions of learning: scholar mastery of knowledge and skills, character, and quality scholar work.  At Finn Academy, effective instructional practices ensure equity and high expectations.  Differentiated instruction in inclusive classrooms is the norm for all learners, and each classroom builds a culture to honor and meet diverse learning needs while holding all scholars accountable to the same learning targets.  Special Education Teachers determine scholars' needs through an array of assessment strategies.  They examine scholar data and work products to identify patterns.  They respond to learning needs with research-based instruction and intervention, monitor progress, and work as key members of the RTI teams and the Committee on Special Education.  As required by scholars' 504 Plans and/or IEP's, Finn Academy Special Education Teachers develop, implement, and evaluate individually tailored modifications and accommodations.  They research strategies and supports for scholars, and make knowledgeable, data-based recommendations for practice.  They work as key team members and engage all scholars with challenging content.  They effectively foster character through inspirational lessons that develop scholars' perseverance, kindness, and responsibility.  Finn Academy teachers work collegially to map, deliver, and assess skills and content in a standards-aligned school-wide curriculum.  In concert with their teams, they create and select high-quality, compelling curriculum materials, differentiating them appropriately in accordance with data from quality assessments.  They collaborate to design expeditions, projects, work products, and demonstrations of learning.  They recognize that scholars must acquire global skills and knowledge, explore big ideas and essential questions,  apply technical skill and develop unique approaches, perform and express, and reflect the Finn Academy culture.  Teachers are engaged and respectful team members who commit to best instructional practice and build and sustain meaningful rapport with scholars, families, colleagues, and community partners.   The Finn Academy Special Education Teacher will be NCLB highly-qualified in his/her area of expertise.  

Required Competencies:

Effective Instruction 
  • Plan and deliver a program of study that follows the Finn Academy Charter School Curriculum Framework and Instructional Model 
  • Demonstrate fidelity to New York State Common Core Learning Standards and unpack the standards into appropriate learning targets
  • Incorporate an array of research-based best practice instructional strategies
  • Create a culture of excellence, inquiry, and evidence-seeking for learners
  • Engage all learners and differentiate instruction
  • Design, coordinate, and participate in learning expeditions, field study and demonstrations
  • Ensure that scholars grapple with compelling, complex text and write regularly
  • Formatively and summatively assess scholar learning, and work collaboratively with staff to adjust instruction to help meet individualized learning goals for all scholars
  • Thoughtfully examine scholar work and data to identify learning gaps and analyze patterns to inform individualized, targeted intervention
  • Serve as member of RTI Team and Committees on Special Education
  • Write IEP's as determined by the district CSE
  • Implement scholars’ IEP’s and/or 504 Plans
  • Meticulously and thoughtfully analyze scholar data
  • Implement effective, responsive classroom management that fosters responsibility, and self-discipline, that promotes learning and respect, and that tolerates no disruptions of learning 
  • Assure safety in the classroom and in all school settings
  • Utilize instruction technology and school resources creatively,  proficiently, and responsibly
  • Support NYSCCLS in special areas
Scholar Motivation
  • Design academically rigorous learning that inspires scholars to think and work in authentic contexts and create products for authentic audiences
  • Enliven the classroom with inquiry, discovery, critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration
  • Stoke curiosity
  • Involve scholars in continuous, engaged assessment that enables them to strive with purpose and understanding to improve their learning, understanding, and work products
  • Create a classroom culture that reflects and nurtures leadership, scholarship, reflection, kindness, perseverance, integrity, and aspiration
  • Exemplify Finn Academy’s core values in all interactions with scholars, families, and colleagues
  • Establish classroom norms that reinforce the school character traits and focus on responsibility for learning, compassionate behavior, and positive scholar leadership
  • Endeavor to know all scholars well
  • Ensure all scholars are intellectually engaged and achieve learning targets
  • Curate, exhibit, publish, and create demonstration panels of quality scholar work 
  • Celebrate academic success and character development
  • Contribute expertise to community celebrations of learning  
Responsive to Feedback
  • Function fully as a member of a community of learners, working together with colleagues to improve the school's program, share expertise, build knowledge, and model collaborative learning
  • Participate in learning walks to examine school-wide patterns of practice and to offer insights that move school-wide improvement
  • Collaborate as a team member in embedded professional learning and data inquiry team meetings
  • Prioritize scholar achievement, character, and growth as the focus of coaching and data collection
  • Work collaboratively with school leaders to identify areas of focus connected to school improvement priorities, scholar achievement, and personal instructional priorities
  • Review and critique colleagues' plans for rigor, alignment, and relevance; respond in kind
  • Regularly reflect on practice and utilize feedback from school leaders and colleagues to set professional goals and develop action steps to attain them
  •  Articulate new understandings in meetings with school leader
  • Serve as mentor and example and accept opportunities for expanded leadership linked to strong performance 
  • Accept and learn from failures, celebrate successes, and persist towards excellence
  • Grow in content knowledge and expand instructional repertoire
Mission Alignment
  • Believe that all scholars should have the opportunity and option to go to college and commit to a curriculum and culture that prioritizes and paves the way for college and career readiness at all grade levels and in all subjects
  • Embed core academic skills, such as research skills, analytical and critical thinking, and evidentiary writing in instruction and learning tasks
  • Promote deep learning that supports all scholars in their work to gain the skills necessary to academic collegiate and lifelong success
  • Take risks, build collegial trust, strive for wellness, and seek, offer, and accept help
  • Demonstrate integrity
  • Manage time productively and utilize resources respectfully
  • Pursue lifelong learning
  • Honor diversity and seek multiple perspectives
  • Honor all children and families with respectful communication
Family/Community Engagement
  • Communicate frequently, honestly, and respectfully
  • Engage technology and social media professionally
  • Promote scholar-led conferences
  • Invest scholars and families in development of academic success and Finn Academy Core Values
  • Plan accordingly to participate and attend school events, and volunteer to take on additional activities as needed to improve school culture
  • Seek input and feedback from scholars and families
  • Collaborate with community partners
  • Honor scholar learning
  • Empower parents with resources, understanding, communication, and training to assist them to support their child's learning needs

Skills and Characteristics:
  • Ability to build rapport with children, colleagues, and community
  • Articulate, confident, warm professional demeanor
  • Ability to work on both broad-based strategy and everyday details
  • Excellent judgment and discretion
  • Initiative, organization, and follow-through
  • Passion for serving all scholars and for learning
  • Sense of urgency to do whatever it takes to help achieve our mission
  • Team player
  • Curiosity and desire to be a learner
  • Coachability 
Educational Background and Experience:
  • Provisional or Permanent New York State Teaching Certificate preferred for area of assignment, to meet NCLB highly-qualified guidelines
  • Successful teaching experience 
  • Charter school experience desirable

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