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The East Cleveland City Schools exist to help all children of the school district realize optimum personal development and to participate in and contribute to their democratic society.As vital parts of the East Cleveland community, the schools serve as social and educational centers.

To these ends, the instructional program emphasizes mastery of fundamental skills while recognizing the dignity and worth of each individual. Our staff must not only impart knowledge, but must also help each student develop a sense of personal responsibility. Children should aspire to achieve to their maximum abilities, displaying determination and perseverance in their studies. In all school programs, the district will stress the importance of cooperation and service in daily living. Furthermore, the district will encourage flexibility within the curriculum enabling students and teachers to adjust to an ever-changing world.

School administrators represent only one aspect of the district's leadership structure. Teachers are extremely valuable in matters of curriculum, classroom management, selection of educational resources, and many other aspects of the schools' programs. Local college faculty members have demonstrated their willingness to assist the East Cleveland City Schools, and the Board will fully utilize their expertise and assistance.

Parents also represent an essential component in the education of their children. The Board will strive to encourage parental participation in every aspect of school operations. Parental involvement may occur within existing organizational frameworks or may require the creation of innovative programs.

The Board also recognizes the importance of listening to and acting upon the expressed needs and aspirations of our students. Students in all of our schools will have a forum where their wishes will be heard and considered objectively.

Regarding curriculum development, the Board feels that there is an urgent need for continuous modification and improvement reflecting the roles and contributions of all groups — racial, ethnic, and religious — within the larger context of American society. The Board will insist that such curricular modifications take place at all grade levels in a judicious fashion as quickly as possible.

The Board will continue to promote improvements in all areas of education within the district. The Board has no intention of favoring one component of the educational process over another. We will direct immediate attention to improving communication among schools. When individuals or groups from any part of the school community have questions regarding district policy and operation of the schools, it is our intention that immediate and definitive answers will be available.

Finally, the Board, which is composed of elected representatives of our community who are charged with the responsibility for the education of our youth, will dedicate itself to promoting positive change impacting all aspects of the educational process. The Board will constantly seek to listen to concerns and evaluate new programs, which are brought before it. The East Cleveland Board of Education, by adapting to societal change without losing sight of its overall purpose, will continue to bring to this community the best possible educational system for the district's children.




We will provide the children of East

Cleveland with the academic and life

skills needed for each and every one to

be a success in the 21st Century.


The East Cleveland City School District

will emerge as a District of Excellence.



THE DISTRICT CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT PLAN serves as a guide for improving student academic achievement. Data from a variety of programs and assessment instruments has been used to develop the Plan. Every school has also developed a Building Continuous Improvement Plan. Listed below are the major goals of the District Continuous Improvement Plan.



  1. All students in the East Cleveland City School District will show improved achievement outcomes through the delivery of timely, rigorous, appropriate instruction that utilizes differentiation strategies daily in Reading, Mathematics and Science.
  2. The District will provide learning environments that are safe, drug free, inviting and promote high expectations for all students as evidenced by 5% increase each year relative to attendance, a 25% yearly decrease in discipline occurrences, and a 5% yearly increase in the graduation rate.

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