Principal - K-6 School 2017/2018

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Under the supervision of CEO, and with support from other management team personnel, to serve as the site-based administrator; to plan, implement, and direct the operational procedures and processes of the site; to plan, develop, and implement instructional goals and objectives, and procedures for evaluating program effectiveness; to plan, develop, and conduct staff development and staff training programs and activities; to plan and conduct public and community relations programs; and to do other related functions as directed.

  • Serve as the instructional leader of the school site.
  • Plan, design. and conduct follow-through strategies pertaining to curriculum development, and the implementation of instructional programs and activities designed to meet the needs of students and the educational community within the school attendance area.
  • Plan, develop, organize, conduct, and maintain performance evaluation information systems designed to ensure that site goals and objectives are achieved, and that all levels of staff adhere to District, state, and national educational standards and goals. 
  • Plan, develop, organize, and administer support systems that provide optimal educational opportunities for students.
  • Work closely with the staff and appropriate advisory groups in assessing the school's educational and program needs, and develop short-term and long-range planning strategies for creating an optimal educational program. 
  • Coordinate a master calendar of programs and activities to achieve the determined goals and objectives. 
  • Plan, develop, organize, and administer a variety of support systems which aid in allowing the student population to achieve at maximum potential. 
  • Plan, develop, and implement budget planning and expenditure control procedures. 
  • Monitor and audit expenditure proposals and allocate human and monetary resources appropriately. 
  • Plan, develop, and implement effective administrative support systems, and delegate appropriate areas of responsibility to staff.
  • Confer, consult with public and private agency personnel, and parents concerning student educational and behavior problems and determine alternative problem solutions. 
  • Manage, supervise, observe, and assess site personnel performance, and provide counsel and assistance as required. 
  • Plan, develop, organize, and conduct staff development and staff training programs which identify and encourage leadership potential.
  • Confer and collaborate with all relevant stakeholders with respect to instructional support personnel in the decision making process and in the development of alternative approaches to solving education concerns and issues.
  • Assist in the school community and the public in their awareness of the site goals and objectives and the strategies for achieving them.
  • Collaborate with administrative and management team personnel to develop, implement, interpret, and administer policies, rules, and regulations, and negotiated employee agreements.
  • Supervise, direct, and coordinate the assignment of site-based instructional and pupil support personnel.
  • Implement administrative review procedures to ensure a maximum utilization of monetary and human resources.
  • Implement procedures for the resolution of conflict in an effort to maintain a high level of staff morale.
  • Plan, develop, and provide management reports pertaining to the educational and safe school climate, and performance quality review functions and activities of the school site. 
  • Coordinate student and family assistance programs with social service and youth service agencies.
  • Other duties as assigned by CEO.

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