Substitute Teacher, Los Angeles (#358604)

Posted a year ago

A substitute teacher is a professional educator who is responsible for managing a safe, orderly, and positive classroom environment while the regular teacher is absent. The substitute teacher must effectively manage the classroom and provide instruction for students, while following the regular teacher’s lesson plans and adhering to all school policies and procedures.

Why Work for SubREADY? If you are looking for an opportunity to work with phenomenal schools that serve phenomenal students in grades K-12, then SubREADY has an opportunity for you! SubREADY, Inc. seeks skilled, enthusiastic individuals to join our team of talented substitute teachers. Substitutes are needed in Los Angeles area and surrounding cities. Founded by educators, we are an expanding company and experienced providers of substitute teachers to California’s charter schools.

Our mission is to help students excel by providing great personnel for great schools. To accomplish our mission, we are seeking qualified educators who will align well within the culture of high achieving school environments with high academic standards. We are changing the way teachers teach and learners learn. We offer ongoing training that helps you quickly learn and get ready to handle the classroom.

Join our team and make a difference!


Provide meaningful instruction to students in assigned classrooms while regular teacher is absent. Review and implement regular teacher’s routines, procedures, lesson plans, curriculum objectives, classroom management, and instructional strategies. Maintain a working knowledge of and adhere to all Board of Education, School District, and SubREADY policies and procedures. Establish and maintain a safe and orderly classroom environment; take all reasonable precautions to protect students, facilities, and materials. Communicate clearly and effectively to students, faculty, and staff. Report all student injuries, accidents, illnesses, and serious disciplinary problems to school administration as soon as possible. Demonstrate cooperation and flexibility in performing other related duties as assigned by school administration and SubREADY.


*Competitive pay *Recognition Bonus *Flexible Scheduling *Professional Development *Minimum Qualifications:

-Bachelors Degree from an accredited institution. -30-Day Substitute Teaching Permit or Teacher Credential, preferred. -If a permit or credential is not currently held, a Certificate of Clearance issued by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing is required. -All applicants must possess a current Tuberculosis test reflecting negative results, obtained within 6 months of initial employment (or cleared chest x-ray) and complete Federal and Department of Justice Live Scan Criminal Background Check.