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The primary function of the on-site virtual education Relationship Manager/ Para Pro is to foster learning for all students enrolled at that location. The Relationship Manager’s job is to develop meaningful relationships with Success students and motivate all students to be successful in their coursework.

At Success VLC, We Inspire Hope.

We don’t just say that, we mean it and we do it every day. Working at Success VLC is truly a mission of hope. There are incredible challenges, but the reward will be contributing to something that is larger than you. Our values and our mission unify us and allow us to make the impact that we do. Together...we provide innovative educational opportunities that inspire hope and lifelong achievement.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
1. SuccessVirtualLearningRelationshipManagersarethefirstpointofcontactforall

students. Teachers and Relationship Managers are the main motivational coaches for

their caseload of students.

  1. Tutoringstudentsbothinpersonandvirtually.

  2. Havingmultipleconversationswithstudentseachweek;especiallystudentsthat

choose not to attend the learning center.

  • Paraprofessionalsareguidedbyteachersandassistinimplementingbehavioral

  • plans.

  • AssistCenterDirectorsandTeachersasnecessary.

  • ParaprofessionalsassistTeachersinenrollingallprospectivestudents.

  • Paraprofessionals must be strong customer service leaders for students, families and

    community members.

  • Paraprofessionalsenrollallprospectivestudents.Paraprofessionalsmustbestrong

  • customer service leaders for students, families and community members.

  • Facilitatetrainingonallsoftwareandonlineprogramsfornewstudents.Assistwith

  • instituting all student orientations for successful learning with Success VLC.

  • Beanactiveparticipateinallprofessionaldevelopmentsessionsandin-service learning opportunities and objectives. Training sessions may require overnight

  • travel.

  • Perform other duties as required.

  • Qualifications

  • Experienceandtrainingwhichprovidethefollowingabilities,skillsandknowledge: a. Experience/skillswithcomputerandcomputersoftwareprograms,suchas

  • Microsoft Office Suite, and student management systems.

    1. Abilitytoinitiateandcompletetaskswithself-directioninatimelymanner.

    2. ExcellentEnglishandgrammarskills,proofreadingskills,oralandwritten communications skills.

    d. Abilitytoeffectivelyoperatevarioussystemsandofficeequipment.

  • SuccessfulOnline/AlternativeEducationteachingexperiencepreferred.


  • Demonstratedunderstandingoftheuseoftechnologyinbothinstructionaland

  • operational settings.

  • Stronginterpersonalandpublicrelationsskillsincludingtheabilitytospeakclearly

  • and concisely both in oral and written communications.

  • Mustexhibitapleasantpersonalityandpositiveattitudetowardworkingwith

  • administration, staff and community members. Evidence of ability to establish

    working relationships that result in mutual respect.

  • SuchalternativestotheabovequalificationsastheBoardmayfindappropriateand

  • acceptable.

  • Abilitytohandlemultipleprojectsinanefficientandeffectivemanner.

  • MustbeproficientinGoogleApplications.Ie:mailanddocs

  • Paraprofessional applicant must be a self-starter, and independent thinker. It is

  • essential in this position that the candidate is a very strong problem solver. This position requires the paraprofessional to make decisions without being directed to do so.

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