ELL Teacher, Grades 9-12

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Position Areas
Business Education
Career and Technical Education
Dual Immersion
Early Childhood Development/Daycare
English as a Second Language (EFL/ELL/ESL/ESOL)
English/Reading/Language Arts
Fine Arts
Generalist/Integrated Curriculum
Gifted and Talented
Lead Teacher/Department Head
Media Specialist/Librarian
Physical Education/Health
Social Studies
Special Education
Substitute Teacher
Technology Education


ELL Teacher - Part Time 

Areas of Responsibility

Effectively utilize prior education and/or training, sound classroom management, technology, and the curriculum provided to successfully evaluate, instruct, and improve English proficiency. Serve as the school resource for English language concerns.

Specific duties Include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Serve as a resource to classroom Teachers to help ELL students achieve academically.
  • Use a variety of language teaching strategies to increase English proficiency for students who speak a different language outside of the school.
  • Evaluate the language needs of students whose family’s primary language is that other than English and recommend appropriate language support.
  • Maintain and record accurate ELL cumulative files and communication changes.
  • Communicate language needs and progress of the ELL students with classroom Teachers, Administrators, and families.
  • Create individual language goals for the students who benefit from language support.
  • Understand, accept, abide by, and advocate for the Life Skills High School’s philosophy and mission statement in all school activities
  • Has read and agreed to abide by the policies, directives, and guidelines as stated in all Life Skills High School manuals pertinent to the position
  • Maintain a positive school environment through effective conflict resolution, collaboration, positive reinforcement, and educational leadership modeling
  • Maintain a clean and safe classroom environment, and discipline in an orderly fashion conducive to good learning
  • Motivate students to achieve their full attendance, academic, language and behavioral goals, as well as other goals identified
  • Keep accurate records on each student such as grade books and progress reports, lesson plans, attendance records, and behavior/discipline records
  • Establish and maintain a positive rapport with students, parents, staff, school administration, and other stakeholders
  • Maintain effective communication on an ongoing basis with students, parents, staff, school administration, and other stakeholders
  • Perform student home visits as needed
  • Prepare and administer all standardized tests as directed
  • Work with the teaching staff to improve standardized and proficiency testing results
  • Recognize opportunities for teachable moments with students
  • Exhibit sound judgment in all decision making matters
  • Use only forms or reporting records approved and /or adopted by the Life Skills High School
  • Gather, maintain, and submit all student information and forms in a professional and timely manner
  • Maintain confidentiality concerning all student information and any professional matters
  • Utilize effective time management
  • Use computers and other technology provided to assist students
  • Participate in ongoing professional development activities
  • Work in a professional and cooperative manner with others to achieve duties and responsibilities
  • Exhibit punctuality
  • Follow the dress code as stated in the employee manual
  • School activities — required to attend and/ or participate in such other activities as directed by the Administrator such as: faculty meetings (before or after school hours), open houses, commencement exercises, chaperone student activities, provide guidance for students, participate in professional learning communities, study and help resolve school problems, and participate in the preparation of courses of study -- these activities demonstrate valuable support for the Life Skills High School
  • Act in accordance to the directives and assignments given by the Administrator
  • Perform other duties as assigned
  • Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university in an educational field of study 
  • Masters degree in education and/or subject area preferred 
  • Certification/licensure in appropriate area; proficient in computer applications 
  • Satisfactory completion of state required criminal history check and health tests

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