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Coaching Eligibility:
  1.   Members schools shall permit coaching only by bona fide faculty members or by certificated teachers
        employed by the Board of Education for the specific coaching assignment.
  2.   Coaches shall complete the equivalent of one credit course in the prevention and care of athletic injuries.
  3.   If no coaches are available from the faculty members or certificated teachers employed if the following procedures
        are followed:

 (a) With no acceptable professional staff members available to fill the coaching vacancy, the local school system 
       shall attempt to locate as a coach a person certifiable as a professional educator by the Maryland State
       Department of Education
 (b) With no acceptable and certifiable professional educator available a person acceptable to the local
       school system may be employed as an emergency coach.
 (c)  Any person employed as a coach under the emergency provision shall comply with the following:

  (I)  The person shall be officially appointed by the local school system on a one-season basis for
        a specific coaching assignment.
 (II)  The coaching salary of the appointed emergency coach shall be paid exclusively by the local school system.
 (III)  The emergency coach shall attend the MPSSA annual rules clinic for that sport in which
         the coaching will take place.
 (IV)  The emergency coach shall complete the equivalent of a one-credit course in the prevention and
         care of athletic injuries.
  (V)  In sports having more than one coach, emergency coaches cannot comprise more than 50 percent
         of that staff. In only those sports designated by the local school system as a one coach sport,
         and emergency coach may be employed as head or varsity coach.
  (VI)  The emergency coach shall be at least 21years of age and possess a high school diploma.
  (VII)  The emergency coach shall have the same status as a certified teacher when it comes to being
            hired if the emergency coach has completed the following.

    A. 2 years of successful coaching at the current level at the same school
    B. successfully complete the following courses:

    1. Fundamentals of Coaching          
    2. First Aid for Coaches
    3. Concussions in Sports
    4.Fundamentals of Coaching (sport specific)
       or Teaching Sport Skills
REPORTS TO:                 Athletic Director
SUPERVISES:                  Assistant Coaches and students involved in the
                                          activity to which assigned.
JOB GOAL:                      To help each participating student develop
                                          maximum skill level, and appreciate the values of
                                          team work, discipline, sportsmanship and increase their level of self-esteem.
1.      Teach fundamental skills of sport.
2.      Plan and schedule practice sessions.
3.      Recommend purchase of equipment, supplies and uniforms as appropriated.
4.      Verify eligibility, physicals, and insurance coverage for each participant.
5.      Work with the Athletic Director in scheduling interscholastic contests.
6.      Establish and enforce discipline and sportsmen like behavior.
7.      Dismiss squad members in accordance with standards established by the schools.
8.      Responsible for the safety and well being of participants while under direct 
         supervision. Render First Aid where appropriate.
9.      Assign assistant coaches duties and responsibilities where such positions exist.
10.    Maintain an inventory and store equipment assigned for the sport involved.
11.    Select squad.
12.    Know and comply with local and state handbooks and regulations.
13.    Submit written evaluation of work to Athletic Director at end of the season.
14.    Maintain uniforms and equipment through a student/parent inventory accountability form.
TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:       Assignments shall be made on an annual basis.
SALARY LANE:                          As found in the Agreement Between the Kent County Teachers Association 
                                                     and The Board of Education of Kent County
BARGAINING UNIT:                    N/A.
FLSA STATUS:                            Exempt.
EVALUATION:                             Performance of this position will be evaluated at the end of the sport season.

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