Special Education Paraprofessional (anticipated)

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Instructional Support



Special Education Paraprofessional - 35 hours per school week

Job Summary: 

Toberesponsible forprovidingappropriateeducation experiencesto meettheneedsofyouthenrolled in the special education programs.Toassist,support,and workcloselywith teachers,administrators andotherteam membersin providing educationalbenefitand supervisionofstudents. The instructional paraprofessional isaccountabletothe teacher (case manager), the director of special education, the school leader, and other district administrators. 

Additional Job Expectations: 

  • Help planandimplement instruction consistentwith the IEP goals and objectives outlines in the students’ IEPs. Reflect this in written plans, co-createdby teachers, social workers, principals,parents/guardians, or other interested partiesinthe students’ welfare.Update and revise theplanas indicated in students’ IEPs or asneeded.

  • Relateconcepts, materials and objectives to thestudentsusing state standards.

  • Provideopportunities for academic achievement andsuccessfor allstudents.

  • Hold high expectations forstudent learningwhicharerealisticand appropriate.

  • Teach skills for critical thinking, problemsolving,comprehension, decision making, andindependent learningby students.

  • Use avariety of reinforcement andmotivationaltechniquesto encourage positive behavior andacademicachievement. Offer students alternativewaysofachievingobjectives andadjustinstructionalstrategies basedon thefeedback fromstudents.

  • Hold studentsaccountablefor timely completionof assigned work.

  • Provide homework thatstudents can complete successfully betweenone-to-onesessions.

  • Use the evaluation ofstudent outcomes to measure the effectivenessofinstruction. Develop testswhichutilizea variety ofstrategiesto assessthe learning.

  • Employ avarietyofmethods andmaterialsthatwill providea holisticapproachtostudentslearningacademically,and emotionally.

  • Provideculturally relevantresources andmodel forour student population.

  • Submit progress reports aswrittenin the programproceduresmanual tostudents, parent/guardians,principal, etc.

  • Participate in IEP process and meetings; contact parents/guardians

  • Document contact time and work with students according to MDE and Office of Special Education standards


  • Use school reporting procedures tocollectdata,maintainstudent records, andreport student progress.

  • Maintain confidentiality forstudents inschool relatedmatters.

  • Use a grading system that is consistentwiththe school assessment policy andwhich reflectsthe quality ofstudent work.

  • Establish amanagementsystemthatcommunicatesexpectations,assignments,and work requirements.

  • Utilize educationalprogramexpectations andrecognize and reinforceappropriate behavior.

  • Use avariety of discipline strategiesformanaging disruptive students.
  • Participate in staff development activities, staff meetings, or service trainings.
  • Subscribe to school goals andtakeaproactive roletoachievethem.Recognize problemswithintheschoolenvironment and actively contributeto their resolution.
  • Representtheschool ina favorable and professionalmannertothe school’sconstituencyand thegeneralpublic.



  • Proctor testing.

  • Assistwith coverageoftheeating areaduring breakfast and lunch.

  • Assistwith coverage duringarrival,passing time, and dismissal fromschool.


  • Minimum of60 hoursof creditsin educationor arelated field,or qualifying scores onWorkKeystobeaParaprofessional as defined bytheState ofMichigan.

  • Experience workingwithemotionally/behaviorally impaired adolescentsis preferred.

  • Subscribe to themission and valuesofSchool/Academy.

  • Ability toindependently lift50pounds non-stationaryweight.

  • Ability torepeatedly bend,stoop, push, pull, andtwist.

  • Ability toapplyverbalde-escalationskills as partofcrisis intervention.

  • Ability toeffectively usetechnical/computer skills, and accompanying software,tocomplete responsibilities.

  Spanish speaking strongly preferred.

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