Responsible Thinking Advisor - Lighthouse Academy – Eagle Village

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Position Areas
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RTA Specialist- Lighthouse Academy – Eagle Village

Job Summary:
The Lighthouse Academy - Eagle Village  RTA specialist will be responsible for providing assistance to the Lighthouse Academy - Eagle Village teachers to enrich instruction and to supervise students attending the academy when behavioral interventions are needed.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Assist the teacher in monitoring and helping students complete their lessons, projects, and other goals while in the RTC.
2. Participate in the Behavior Intervention Plan writing and review process with other Hope Academy staff, the student, their family, and other community members,
    as applicable (e.g., PO officers, etc).
3. Give creative input to Response to Intervention efforts with students.
4. Able to assist the teacher in the class room by helping students individually, in small groups, or with the entire group of students.
5. Apply discipline procedures set by policy and/or school administration as needed.
6. Identify and implement incentives and motivation enhancement approaches with the students to encourage positive behavior and academic achievement.
7. Ability to be detail-oriented and organized, for example, to be able to assist the school office in making truancy reports, tracking behavior trends, track student
    progress, think ahead to the needs of the students and classroom, etc.   
8. Have the computer skills, knowledge, and ability to use technology as a tool.
9. Able to be a self-starter and independent worker while providing and receiving input from the other team members.
10. Assist other staff in field trips, family dinners, or any other school-related events with students and/or their families.
11. Participate in individual supervision with the Principal.
12 Participate in weekly team meetings with all school staff. Report on behavior issues, providing advocacy and support.
15. Participate in in-services, trainings and retreats, as applicable.


1. Minimum of 60 hours of post secondary education, preferably in the education or a related field OR passing of the WorkKeys test at a certain level.
2. Experience working with youth and/or families.
3. Experience working with volunteers and communities is preferred.
4. Ability and willingness to travel as needed and to use personal vehicle to fulfill job responsibilities.

Application Procedure:
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