School Social Worker

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School Social Worker
Job Summary: 
The school social worker is accountable to the Principal for providing treatment and casework services to the clients and families to which he/she is assigned. He/she is to provide leadership in student planning, along with the teacher, to conduct individual and family therapy sessions as needed, and to coordinate all other wrap-around services for the students. He/she is a member of the special education team and will assist in the writing and review of IEPs for special education students.
Additional Job Expectations: 

  • Serve as a co-writer with the teacher of all student assessments and learning plans that focus on educational needs, as well as other needs including IEP goals/accommodations as applicable.
  • Provide individual therapy to each client/family on his/her caseload, as needed, or coordinate clientreferral to such services. In the case where therapy services are already in place at time of admission, the social worker will coordinate services with that outside agency/therapist.
  • Coordinate enrollment from the previous school district for the student and family.
  • Conduct family therapy sessions on an as needed basis.
  • Maintain contact with the previous school, FIA or juvenile court worker, the KISD truancy officer, etc. throughout treatment, including case conferencing with the students and family on SLPs.
  • Work cooperatively with the teacher to assure the school day runs according to plan.  Assisting with oversight of the computer lab time, field trips, service projects, etc.
  • Conduct life skills groups during the school week, as scheduled cooperatively with teachers.
  • Assign and coordinate social work interns and/or student mentors.
  • Coordinate, plan, and link students to career exploration opportunities, as needed.
  • Facilitate communication and good working relations between the school and the community, including police, neighbors, volunteers, employers and friends of individual clients.
  • Complete all assessments, service plans, and all other necessary paperwork, in a timely manner.
  • Assist parents, as necessary, with referrals for medical, dental, or other needed services.
  • Monitor the quality of overall treatment services to clients on his/her caseload; and evaluate the adequacy of these services to meet treatment objectives.
  • Participate in regularly scheduled staff meetings, social worker meetings, and any others as deemed necessary by the Team Leader and/or Principal.
  • Attend school related activities including but not limited to: field trips, family dinners, school-related events with students/families, conferences and parent conferences.
  • Initiate and maintain personal professional growth and development by:

  • Possessing a working knowledge of licensing and accreditation standards and working with other disciplines to assure compliance with such standards.
  • Utilizing educational opportunities and resources offered by the agency and through the profession for continued development of skills and clinical expertise, (conferences, in-services, social workers meetings, resource groups etc.
  • Meeting regularly with his/her supervisor and using the knowledge and skills of his/her supervisor to increase understanding of treatment programming and to further professional development.
  • Proctor testing.
  • Assist with coverage of the eating area during breakfast and lunch.
  • Assist with coverage during arrival, passing time, and dismissal from school.
  • Master's degree in School Social Work required.
  • Clinical experience working with adolescents and/or families preferred.
  • Prior experience working with an interdisciplinary team in a school setting preferred.
  • Required to provide proof of registration within applicant's defined area:  Certified School Social Work.
  • Must have a valid driver's license.
  • Subscribe to the mission and values of Integrity Educational Services
  • Ability to independently lift 50 pounds non-stationary weight.
  • Ability to repeatedly bend, stoop, push, pull, and twist.
  • Ability to effectively use technical/computer skills, and accompanying software, to complete responsibilities. 
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