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Position Areas
Lead Teacher/Department Head


                                                                                                                                                                File Code:  4.280     





1.         Possesses Teacher Certification or Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing or fulfills qualifications for Substitute Teacher in the Holmdel Township Public Schools.

2.         Has prior experience as a musical director or has participated on musical

            production(s) (preferred).

3.         Demonstrates organizational abilities and skills in interpersonal relations.

4.         Successfully completes required criminal history check and has proof of citizenship or legal resident alien status.

5.         Such other alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable.

REPORTS TO:           Principal or designee

JOB GOAL:        To enable students to participate in musical production(s) thus supporting them in achieving a higher level of skill, an enhanced appreciation for the values of discipline and teamwork, and an increased level of self-esteem.


1.         Instructional Leadership:

            a.         Assists the drama coach/production director with the selection of the   musical production appropriate to the talent, age and skill level of the            students, subject to the approval of the building principal.

            b.         Communicates with student body and encourages participation in the             musical production.

            c.         Conducts auditions for the musical production with the drama coach and        communicates the results to the principal.

            d.         Conducts rehearsals for the musical production.

            e.         Attends all performances of the production.

            f.          Submits budget needs annually to the principal in cooperation with the            drama coach in accordance with established timelines and guidelines.

            g.         Orders all music supplies and equipment  necessary for the production           and returns rented music materials within appropriate timelines.

            h.         Accounts for use of program funds including, but not limited to monies             obtained through fund raising efforts.

2.         Student Management

            a.         Provides supervision of all students involved in the musical production             during all times of involvement and oversees penalties for violation of          such standards as stipulated by Board policy and school procedures.

            b.         Maintains necessary participants roster, attendance forms, eligibility   records, and similar paperwork and provides information to the           principal as required.

3.         Professional Development

                        Participates in continuous study and/or attends relevant conferences   and/or workshops to maintain and/or enhance own knowledge of          direction, musical productions and other topics in accordance with district       guidelines and procedures.

4.         School and Community Relations

            a.         Strives to establish cooperative relations and makes a reasonable      effort to communicate with parents as appropriate.

            b.         Cooperates and shares professionally with other members of the                     staff.

            c.         Promotes school and community awareness of the musical production            thus encouraging attendance at the performances.

5.         Other Assigned Duties

                        Performs other appropriate tasks and assumes such other duties in    connection with the advisorship as assigned by the Principal or          designee.      


TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:            Stipend and work year to be established by the Board in accordance with the Agreement between the Holmdel Township Board of Education and the Holmdel Township Education Association.

EVALUATION:         Performance of this job will be evaluated annually in accordance with the provision of the Board’s policy on the Evaluation of Schedule “B” Staff and with the Agreement of the Holmdel Township Board of Education and the Holmdel Township Education Association.

SOURCE:        Regular Board Meeting

DATE:               March 22, 1995

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