Substitute Teachers (2016-17 School Year)

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Substitute Teacher


We are seeking Substitute Teachers for K-12th grade for Cleveland, Akron, and Canton, Ohio. Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in education or a related field. Under the direction of the school leader, the substitute teacher will implement a rigorous academic program for students ranging from grades K-12th. The ideal candidate will possess the qualities needed to create a class environment that engenders rigorous learning and academic growth for all students. Belief and alignment with our mission are a must. Compensation for this position is on a per diem basis.
Being a substitute teacher  is incredibly rewarding and requires candidates to possess an extraordinarily strong work ethic. A substitute teacher can expect to work extended hours, create and sustain a quality learning environment where high academic and behavioral expectations are the norm, achieve high test scores, and be a healthy addition to our adult learning communities. We are seeking substitute teachers who will "sweat the small stuff" and have a "no excuses" attitude. Substitute teachers will be expected to do "whatever it takes" to close the achievement gap. Substitute teachers must be able to work in a fast-paced environment where accountability and high expectations are upheld at all times.  I CAN SCHOOLS substitute teachers must possess a philosophy that 100% of our students will attend and graduate from a four year college and/or university.

Specific Responsibilities could include but not limited to:

  • Communicate effectively with students, families, and colleagues
  • Remain highly organized and meets deadlines 100% of the time
  • Implement and possibly create intentional lesson plans that support academic rigor and student engagement
  • Be relentless, serious and focused
  • Proven track-record of high achievement in the classroom
  • Mastery of and enthusiasm for academic subjects
  • Evidence of self-motivation and willingness to be a team player
  • Minimum of one year substitute or regular teaching experience in an urban public or charter school setting preferred, but not required
  • Valid State Certification is required (long term and short term sub license accepted)
  • Belief in and alignment with the mission and vision is non-negotiable. 

The school offers a per diem amount for time worked.
Working Conditions
The schools boast meticulously clean buildings, intentionally placed print, and an extremely safe teaching environment. All classroom substitute teachers are equipped with the tools needed to succeed, including a dedicated work space, laptop computer, a network wide email account, high-speed internet access, and all necessary teaching supplies. Buildings are Wi-Fi accessible for use with all mobile devices. 
The schools value their employees by providing meaningful and intentional administrative coaching dedicated to transforming substitute teachers into master educators. The school builds and maintains a professional and healthy adult learning community by entertaining several social events throughout the school year, hosting school retreats, and presents substitute teacher of the year for each campus.


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