Grades Third - Twelfth Case Manager

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Job Title:  Grades Third-Twelfth Case Manager
Job Summary:
The Grades Third-Twelfth Case Manager is responsible for providing high quality, comprehensive coordination of services to the youth and families of Genesee County struggling with physical, emotional, mental and behavioral problems related to exposure to lead. The Grades Third-Twelfth Case Manager coordinates activities and services as well as provide continuous support to ensure individualized needs of students are met through the services available in educational settings and within the community.
Essential Duties (May include, but not limited to):
Coordination and Case Management Components

  1. Identifies students who have been exposed to lead.
  2. Facilitates appropriate resources are provided to families including water testing, water filters, and replacement cartridges.
  3. Works with school nurses in providing support for students who have been exposed to lead.
  4. Refers identified students to appropriate personnel.
  5. Connects students and their families with Primary Care Providers.
  6. Works with families and Primary Care Providers to ensure that the Well Child Visits are attended.
  7. Provides education, training and case management for students. 
  8. Provides appropriate resources to parents and educational staff about health and human resource agencies and services. 
  9. Expedites appropriate screenings for identified students (hearing, speech, behavioral, etc.).
  10. Provides support and follow-up to families to ensure follow through on recommendations after screening.
  11. Facilitates assigned professional development training on chronic health conditions to staff, students and families.
  12. Provides ongoing support and oversight.
  13. Utilizes a tracking sheet to maintain and document case management progress.
  14. Serves as an advocate for students with health concerns.
Other Duties:
  1. May conduct at the request of the principal home visits to identify home safety hazards and child health problems to assist the parent/guardian in the implementation of a plan to address the safety hazards/child health care issues.
  2. Collaboratively works in an educational setting within a multi-tier framework for academics and behavior.
  3. Performs other related duties as assigned.
Education:     Bachelor's Degree in Nursing, Early Childhood, or related field required.  CPR and First Aid Certification preferred.
Experience:    Two years' experience working with children in a school, pediatric health setting or public health
                     setting.  Knowledge of computer technology, word processing and database software preferred.
Skills/Other:   Ability to work creatively and skillfully with children of all ages. Ability to work with a team including other nurses, counselors, teachers, administrators and community partners. Excellent communication skills including teaching, public speaking, and written. Knowledge of normal child development and common delays in children, including early childhood. Knowledge of age appropriate prevention health care and of communicable diseases and community resources.  Ability to perform well during emergency/crisis situations. Ability to participate in and understand quality assurance and evaluation activities. Demonstrated mental/physical ability and stamina for meeting the essential duties of the position and the ability to travel to and from the school buildings and homes in the assigned geographical area. Punctuality and good attendance are requirements for the position. Ability to work a flexible workday, work week, and work year. Represents the district in a professional manner at all times. Demonstrate honesty, integrity, and professionalism at all times. Ability to utilize district technology and work to maintain proficiency, as required skill sets change with technology and/or the needs of the district.  Exercises good judgment and makes decisions in accordance with board policies and established administrative guidelines.
Special Job Considerations
Certification:  Required           Not Required   X        Desirable       
Type of Certification:  Administrative            Teacher            Other                                                                 
Bargaining Unit Position:  None      

Salary Schedule:   Part-Time, Academic Calendar Year Position  -  $28.00 per hour

Immediate Supervisor:  Early Childhood Director, Birth to Third Grade
Date:  February 11, 2016     Approved                                                                                         
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