Health and PE Teacher Grades K-3rd

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Physical Education/Health


Position: Health and PE Teacher grades K-3rd. 
Educational Level: Bachelors Degree.
Certification/Licensing: Valid or eligible for a GA Teacher’s Certificate in Health and PE
Proficiency Skills: Written and oral communication skills, student management, supervisory and leadership skills. Ability to 
employ a variety of instructional strategies that connect the curriculum to the learners. Ability to deal with multiple tasks, 
computer competence, organizational and interpersonal skills.
Personal Skills: Pleasant personality, cooperative attitude, physical skills and stamina to perform essential duties.
Salary: Georgia/Local Certified Salary Schedule – 10 month
1. Demonstrates appropriate verbal and written communication skills.
2. Performs routine duties and tasks with little or no direct supervision.
3. Participates in extracurricular activities and/or serves on designated committees.
4. Demonstrates loyalty to the school, school system and administrators.
5. Performs other duties as assigned by the principal.
MEETS STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT GOALS (Based on previous year’s test scores.)
6. Utilizes state and system-wide test results and local school grade profiles for developing and improving the instructional program for all students assigned to the teacher.
7. Develops and implements appropriate instructional activities to increase student achievement.
8. Provides instruction at an appropriate instructional level with content development and building for transfer for students assigned to the teacher.
9. Utilizes a variety of teaching strategies and resources appropriate for students assigned to the teacher.
10. Assesses and encourages student progress by promoting engagement, monitoring student progress, responding to adequate and inadequate performances and showing support of students in an appropriate manner.
11. Manages the learning environment by using time efficiently, maintaining an effective physical setting for instruction and maintaining appropriate student behavior in the classroom.
12. Provides adequate information, plans, and materials for substitutes.
13. Participates in professional organizations and staff development activities.
14. Shares information with others and applies what is learned to the classroom. 
15. Accepts new challenges in a professional manner.
16. Facilitates home-school communication by such means as holding conferences, telephoning, and sending written communications; works effectively colleagues and exhibits the fundamentals of good public/customer service.
17. Enhances the climate of the building and the morale of colleagues.
18. Accepts constructive criticism and follows up on administrative actions for improving performance.
19. Maintains a pattern of prompt and regular attendance.      
20. Completes reports, documentation, duties and other assignments in a prompt and professional manner. 
21. Exhibits time on task and a flexible, cooperative, progressive and hard working attitude and style.
22. Complies with school, system, state and federal regulations and policies, including the PSC Code of Ethics, as related to job requirements.
23. Adheres to the chain of command.
24. Adheres to Cultural Diversity Guidelines.
25. Maintains confidentiality of sensitive information and material. 
26. Maintains a professional appearance as appropriate for job responsibilities.
27. Assures security and accountability for classroom equipment and supplies.
28. Acts in a professional manner and maintains a professional attitude, following school and system policies in regard to students and records, when interacting with the public. 
29. Acts in a professional manner and assumes responsibility for the total school program, the safety of students and good operating order.
30. Shows initiative and assumes responsibility for all aspects of job responsibilities. 
31. Demonstrates knowledge and proficiency in the use of internet and email as applicable to job responsibilities.
32. Demonstrates knowledge and proficiency in the use of other computer applications as applicable to job responsibilities.
33. Incorporates the use of technology into instruction in an appropriate manner.

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