Anticipated Middle School Science Teacher (Tenure Track)

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Anticipated Middle School Science Teacher for Grades 6-8 (Tenure Track)

(Anticipated to be Available 2022-2023 School Year)


Goal: To structure the learning environment so students will show evidence of fulfilling their potential for intellectual, emotional, and social growth and maturation.



  1. New Jersey Instructional Certificate 

  2. Demonstrated knowledge of effective teaching methods and developmentally appropriate classroom activities 

  3. Ability to maintain a positive learning environment 

  4. Strong interpersonal and communication skills 

  5. Required criminal background check and proof of US citizenship or legal resident alien status

  6. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable


Reports To: Principal


Performance Responsibilities:

  1. Professional Competencies 

  1. Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of subject matter.

  2. Directs instruction toward district outcome and process goals and instructs students in accordance with district courses of study.

  3. Shows competency in planning, record keeping, and evaluating students by activities such as: 

  1. Developing and maintaining long term and daily written lesson plans based on student needs, interests and abilities.

  2. Developing and maintaining accurate records of student progress indicative of an ongoing evaluation process. 

  3. Using the same criteria for assessment (diagnostic/prescriptive process) and evaluating all students with provision made for individual differences.

  4. Completing required teacher/administrative reports promptly and accurately.

  • Shows ability to organize a classroom for learning by activities such as: 

    1. Using instructional materials carefully and intelligently. 

    2. Providing for student’s individual levels of achievement, abilities, and interests. 

    3. Creating an environment conducive to student development and execution of programs and projects. 

    4. Arranging relevant instructional materials and displays so they are conducive to use by students. 

  • Demonstrates effective teaching techniques by activities such as: 

    1. Using varied instructional methods adjusted to course content, materials, and student characteristics/abilities. 

    2. Integrating into instructional processes major concepts from other disciplines. 

    3. Clarifying assignments given to students so that purposes and directions are understood. 

    4. Making homework and out-of-class assignments meaningful and reasonable. 

  • Demonstrates the ability to interact effectively with students by activities such as: 

    1. Instructing individuals based upon their specific needs, interests, and abilities while making provisions for appropriate large and small group instruction.

    2. Implementing fair, firm, and consistent disciplinary procedures.

    3. Promoting individual choice and self-direction as well as cooperative planning and decision making within a defined frame of reference. 

    4. Encouraging and facilitating orderly discussions and other classroom activities. e. Acting in a kind, cordial and courteous manner toward students. 

  • Plans and conducts effective parent/guardian conferences and maintains cooperative parent/guardian relationships. 

    1. General Professional Responsibilities 

    1. Demonstrates proficiency in the use of English by communicating with reasonable clarity, conciseness, and precision in both speaking and writing. 

    2. Participates in solving classroom and school problems and seeks resolutions through appropriate channels. 

    3. Cooperates in the total school program by: 

    1. Sharing responsibility for care of materials, equipment, and classroom; 

    2. Sharing responsibility for students’ behavior throughout the building; 

    3. Working with colleagues to improve the effectiveness of the total school program; 

    4. Participating in school activities. 

  • Cooperates in curriculum development and evaluation activities by participating in the planning and implementation of programs. 

  • Establishes and follows an individual program of professional renewal in such areas as: 

    1.  How children learn; 

    2. Current approaches to discipline;

    3. Alternative instructional strategies; 

    4. Updated curriculum materials; 

    5. Current theory and practice in his/her field. 

    1. Other Duties and Responsibilities

    1. Performs other duties and responsibilities incidental to the position or as assigned by the administration.



    Terms of 

    Employment: Ten month contract within the Agreement between the Green Brook Board of Education and the Green Brook Township Education Association.

    Evaluation Criteria: Performance of this job will be evaluated annually in accordance with NJ State law and the provisions of the board’s policy on evaluations.

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