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Yorkville Community Unit School District 115 has an opening for a 1.0 FTE School Social Worker to provide student services for Bristol Bay Elementary School. The social worker will assist with the Compass Program, RtI interventions, and social and emotional/mental health issues for all students at Bristol Bay Elementary School. The social worker will oversee students on the caseload, students with special education/504 services, and students/families in crisis. 

Purpose Statement:
The role of the school social worker is to provide school social work services for the betterment of social development for students in the Yorkville Community School District system.  In order to have improved emotional/mental health outcomes, the school social worker will need to develop effective evaluation, consultation, and intervention as services related to individuals, subgroups, and whole school populations (school climate) utilizing research skills and knowledge in the fields of school social work, and social work by better incorporating the ecological model of the student experience.

Reports to:       This job reports to the Building Principal.
Work Year:       182 days

Essential Functions:
1.    Professional knowledge and application:

  • Demonstrates awareness of social development related to emotional functioning relates to school-wide practice through the school improvement process, building review of discipline, and social-emotional intervention.
  • Works to develop school team norms related to sound and contemporary views of school-wide data collection related to social skill development. 
  • Collaborates with the team on effective home-school continuity and practice for social-emotional functioning. 
  • Utilizes an understanding of mental health diagnoses, treatment, and intervention effective for adolescent and child populations. 
  • Collaborates with building administration regarding effective practice related to the prevention strategies for social-emotional difficulties. 
  • Implements appropriate legal practice in accordance with guidelines related to response to intervention, the evaluation process, student discipline, diversity of student needs, and student advocacy. 
  • Demonstrates an understanding of the ecological model, research practice, and contemporary research findings that influence social-emotional, and are in line with school social work or social work in general. 
  • Utilizes knowledge related to the effective implementation of adaptive functioning instrumentation, conclusions, and data systems. 
2.    Delivery of service and practice
  • Develops effective interventions for school-wide, sub-groups, and individuals within a school setting. 
  • Collaboratively works with school administration in developing interventions and services so as to focus on the prevention of social-emotional difficulties and to promote learning and social/personal development for all students. 
  • Utilizes skills necessary for assessing the effectiveness of interventions and programs continuously and through the school-wide system. 
  • Provides analysis and interpretation of sociological and ecological assessment for individuals and school-wide systems through problem-solving teams (RtI, special education teams, and parents). 
  • Provides direct intervention for family-school continuity.
  • Provides direct intervention for students in keeping with appropriate research related to the fields of school social work, child and systems theory, and other relevant mental health fields. 
3.    Collaborative relationships:
  • Demonstrate collaborative relationships with families from diverse backgrounds and make concerted efforts to engage families in the school process.
  • Provides meaningful follow-up and consultation with teachers throughout the collaboration process. 
  • Collaborates with school administration related to climate-related factors and issues for students, families, and staff members.  
  • Develops resources and working relationships with organizations and private practitioners available and applicable for students and families outside of school.
  • Develop partnerships with community agencies and services to better meet the needs of students and families. 
  • Leads initiatives with the problem-solving team related to suicide prevention, behavioral management, crisis intervention, attendance, mental health needs, diversity, and communicates role and responsibilities to staff members related to abuse and neglect and the role and/or limitations of confidentiality
4.    Professional conduct, leadership and growth
  • Demonstrates and communicates a clear understanding of ethical aspects of practice in accordance with SSWAA Model.
  • Demonstrates leadership and ethical practice related to the role of reporting suspected abuse/neglect of children.
  • Provides meaningful feedback to parents regarding school functioning as it relates to areas of service by the psychologist. 
  • Engages families from diverse backgrounds to better engage with the school system.
  • Seeks support to augment support outside of direct service for parents, families, and students.
  • Provides for buildings and seeks for meaningful professional development related to improved student social-emotional outcomes. 
  • Maintains and demonstrates appropriate limitations of confidentiality for students and families.
  • Provides leadership through the IEP process including but not limited to: facilitating IEP meetings, note-taking during the IEP meetings, and acting as the LEA of the IEP process. 
  • Works with school administration to effectively create professional development for the school building related to the understanding of data gathering, utilization, interpretation, steps towards intervention, and monitoring of effectiveness. 
Other Functions
Performs other related duties as assigned for the purpose of ensuring the efficient and effective functioning of the work unit
  • Must hold a current Professional Educator License (PEL).
  • School Social Worker Endorsement
  • CPI is preferred


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