Interrelated Special Education Teacher (2022-23)

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Chisholm Middle School is a GEMINI 1 School in the Kansas Can Redesign Project.

Our Vision Chisholm Middle School creates a culture of learning in which all students experience rigor and relevance by engaging, exploring, growing, and serving their world.


  1. Licensed in the State of Kansas
  2. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the board of education may find appropriate and acceptable

REPORTS TO: Director, Harvey County Special Education Cooperative; Building Administrator

JOB GOAL: To provide each identified student with the individually tailored help, counsel, and learning experiences he/she needs to make progress toward established educational goals.


  1. Collaborates with all staff to develop and implement individual educational programs for students with disabilities.
  2. Determines specific learning problems, skill deficiencies, or social adjustment difficulties of students and initiates remediation programs in these areas.
  3. Develops and maintains individual education plans in accordance with Kansas regulations and district policies.
  4. Evaluates each student in terms of initial needs and progress toward goals.
  5. Prepares progress reports and year-end evaluations, administering pre-tests and post-tests as appropriate and necessary.
  6. Provides a wide range of teaching materials and equipment.
  7. Counsels students in identifying and addressing their academic and social problems.
  8. Establishes and maintains standards of individual student behavior.
  9. Works closely with other teachers to help the students maintain satisfactory classwork, homework, and behavior.
  10. Helps parents and other teachers to understand the specific problems of educationally handicapped students and the goals and operation of the program, apprising them of problems and progress.
  11. Participates in case conferences about information on student’s abilities and needs.
  12. Performs basic attendance accounting and similar record-keeping functions pertinent to the educationally handicapped program.
  13. Keeps abreast of new developments in the field by reading journals and publications, attending professional society meetings, seminars, and conferences.
  14. Develops transition plans for students age 14 and older, providing appropriate transition experiences.
  15. Performs other duties as assigned by the immediate supervisor.

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