High School Boys Basketball Assistant Coach

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Assistant Coach (High School and/or Middle School)

The job of Assistant Coach is done for the purpose/s of assisting the designing and implementing of the athletic program for the assigned sport in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations:
? Providing supervision of students during all aspects of the program.
? Serving as a positive role model to the student athletes and represents USD 470 in a well respected manner.
? Upgrading his/her knowledge and skills through coaching clinics, observations consultation, etc.

? Previous coaching experience in assigned sport is desired
? Has knowledge and background in the assigned sport
? The assistant coach must serve as an appropriate role model for student athletes through his/her instructions and actions

The head coach, in conjunction with the athletic director and respective principal.

? Has thorough knowledge of all the athletic policies approved by the School Board of Education and is responsible for its implementation.
? Understands the proper administrative chain of command and refers all student/parent requests or grievances through the proper channels.
? Maintains discipline and works to increase morale and cooperation within the school sports program.

? To demonstrate the character traits of trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship.
? Give constant attention to a student athlete’s grades and conduct.
? Be present at all practices, games and while traveling.
? Provide assistance, guidance and safeguards for each participant.
? Provide training rules and any other unique regulations of the sport to each athlete who is considered a participant.
? Understand the policies concerning injuries, medical attention and emergencies.
? Direct student managers, student assistants and statisticians.
? Determine discipline, help delineate procedures concerning due process when the enforcement of discipline is necessary and contacts parents.
? To foster a desire to win, an attitude of good sportsmanship, personal pride, and pride for their school and community.

? Collect the cost of any equipment lost or not returned.
? Arrange for issuing and storing of equipment and submits to the head coach an annual inventory and current records concerning the same.
? Recommend to the head coach budgetary items for next year in his/her area of the program.
? Monitor the equipment rooms and coaches’ offices and authorizes who may enter.
? Permit the athletes to only be in authorized areas of the building at the appropriate times.
? Responsible for cleanliness and maintenance of specific sport equipment.
? Instill in each player a respect for equipment and school property, its care and proper use.

? Assist the head coach with instructing players in the rules, regulations, equipment, and techniques of the sport.
? Assess player’s skills, monitor players during competition and practice, and keeps the head Coach informed of the athletic performance of the students.
? Work within the basic framework and philosophy of the head coach of that sport and assists with determining game strategy.
? Assist the head Coach with supervising athletes during practices and competition.
? Attend all staff meetings and carry out scouting assignments as outlined by the head coach.
? Model sport-like behavior and maintain appropriate conduct towards players, officials, and spectators.
? Help in the planning and implementation of both in-season and out-of-season conditioning and weight programs. Attendance should be consistent.
? Never criticize, admonish, or argue with head coach or any staff member within ears or eyes of players or parents.
? Never leave practices, games, or any other contest where a student’s attendance is requested until the last student has left.
? Perform other such duties that are consistent with the nature of the position and that may be requested by the head coach.

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