Special Education Teacher

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Position Areas


This position is funded with ESSER III and grant funds for 1 year only. 

JOB TITLE: Special Education Teacher            

REPORTS TO: Principal/Director of Special Education


  • Bachelor's Degree or higher

  • PTSB endorsement in Special Education or immediately eligible for certification


JOB GOALS/OBJECTIVES: To provide specially designed instruction and an appropriate education  to  students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) in the least restrictive environment based.



Planning and Preparation.  The teacher will:

  • Creates a safe, productive and positive learning environment that is the least restrictive, is conducive to learning and appropriate to the maturity and interest of students . 

  • Develop and implement Individual Education Programs (IEPs) and 504 plans.

  • Plan structured learning activities that use materials and resources aligned with student’s IEP.

  • Assess student learning regularly in a manner that is congruent to instructional goals and related to district and state standards.

  • Serves as the Case Manager for assigned students including, but not limited to, completing IDEA Program forms; sending written notices to parents; and completing all paperwork that is required either by the building principal and/or the Special Services Director

  • Assumes the teacher’s legal responsibilities in the supervision of students.

  • Maintains accurate and complete records as required by law, district policy and administrative regulation.

Classroom Environment.  The teacher will:

  • Create an environment of respect and rapport in the classroom between teacher and students and students and their peers.

  • Establish a culture of learning by conveying the value of the content and the importance of pride in work and by maintaining high expectations for learning for each student.

  • Establish clear standards of conduct, monitor students’ behavior, and respond appropriately.

  • Organize the physical space, furniture, and accessories in the classroom to accommodate safety and traffic flow and to maximize accessibility to learning resources.

  • Implement and administer district and school policies and procedures governing student life and conduct.

Instruction.  The teacher will:

  • Provide instruction that aligns to student’s IEP or 504 Plan.

  • Give directions and instructions that are clear to all students in both written and oral language that is grade appropriate.

  • Demonstrate flexibility to work with a variety of programs, frameworks and/or possibilities to meet students’ needs.

  • Provide accurate, constructive, quality feedback on time.

  • Demonstrate flexibility and responsiveness by making adjustments to lessons to accommodate student needs.

Professional Responsibilities.  The teacher will:

  • Assess current lessons for effectiveness, reflect, and look at ideas to try the next time.

  • Maintain accurate records showing students’ completion of assignments, progress in learning, and non-instructional information.

  • Communicate with families on instructional program goals and individual students’ performance and facilitate family engagement in the instructional program.

  • Work cooperatively with all support staff who co-teach and/or support individual student needs.

  • Contribute to the school and district by participating in school projects, district committees, and assigned non-teaching duties.

  • Lead and encourage colleagues and support staff and maintain cooperative relationships with administrators to establish a favorable working environment. Attend and constructively participate in staff meetings.

  • Participate in opportunities for professional development.

  • Show professionalism by demonstrating a commitment to professional standards in problem-solving and decision making and by serving as an advocate for students.

  • Seek supervisor and peer input on performance and respond to feedback in a cooperative manner.

  • Actively participate in the Professional Learning Communities (PLC) process, including regular team meetings, open sharing of data, and collaboration to answer the critical questions of a PLC.

  • Use and learn new software

  • Keep all documentation and permanent files for students - All student files are confidential. 

  • Complete all other duties as assigned by supervisor.

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