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JOB TITLE: Parent Liaison

JOB TYPE: Part-Time (25 hours/week)

REPORTS TO: Building Principal



DEPARTMENT: English Language Services


To effectively assist parents of students to increase parent and family involvement in schools through effective communication to impact high student academic performance.


Observe the school calendar as adopted by the Board of Education, working 180 days per school year. In addition to the 180 days, the Parent Liaison will work ten days in the summer as determined by the Building Principal and the Director of English Language Services. Occasional attendance at in-District and out-of-District events during evenings is required with the option for flexible scheduling.


This list is not all inclusive and is only intended to illustrate the various responsibilities and duties performed.

  1. Serve as a liaison between parents and the District.

  2. Contact parents and families through phone calls, emails, school meetings, etc. in order to encourage participation in school and District activities and events.

  3. Provide information to parents concerning District policy and procedures (e.g registration, Parent Teacher Organization, curriculum, assessment, discipline, etc.) as stipulated in the Board policy and the Illinois Administrative School Code.

  4. Contact outside appropriate community agencies for the purpose of seeking resources and activities that will increase the participation of families in school and parent training opportunities.

  5. Establish and implement parent involvement and training programs for topics related to family and school, student motivation, and technology training.

  6. Promote school programs to appropriate feeder schools and community organizations.

  7. Provide guidance for parent navigation of school and community resources (e.g., tutoring, language services, activities and sports, counseling, social workers, deans, etc.).

  8. Assist with the activities related to the Bilingual Parent Advisory Council.

  9. Assist with annual registration, parent institute, and other events as directed.

  10. Provide interpreting services in English and Spanish for parents, teachers, and Administrators during parent/teacher conferences, school and/or District meetings, report card conferences, parent workshops, evening events at schools, and any other type of activity where communication is required in the Spanish/English language by school personnel and administration.

  11. Provide translating of District, school, and relevant community documents designed to inform parents (e.g. letters, bulletins, announcements, calendars, notices, web page information, articles, flyers, newsletters, curricular, technology, food services communication, special education, etc.) as required by school personnel and administration.

  12. Maintain accurate records of all parent activities for the purpose of the District, state auditors, Superintendent and Board of Education reports, and grants.

  13. Assume responsibility for school communication and coordinate parent meetings for grant activities.

  14. Assist with initiatives related to culturally responsive practices.

  15. Conduct needs assessments for the status of building-specific parental involvement.

  16. Translate and provide guidance on how to complete documents for parents as needed.

  17. Facilitate material pick-ups for parents as needed.

  18. Assist with student supervision as needed.

  19. Attend meetings, training, and seminars as required along with professional development as provided by the District.

  20. Perform other position-related duties as assigned by the Building Principal, Director of English Language Services, or the Superintendent.

  21. Maintain regular attendance.



  1. Fluent in both English and Spanish languages.
  2. Strong communication and public speaking skills in English and Spanish.
  3. Basic knowledge of technology and the use of Office Word and Excel.
  4. Ability to accurately collect, organize, and maintain data and information for reports.
  5. Ability to take initiative in coordinating and organizing activities and events.
  6. Ability and availability to manage a flexible work schedule.
  7. Ability to develop and sustain positive relationships among staff members, students, a diverse group of parents and families, and the community.


Must be fluent in English and in Spanish, particularly in the areas of speaking, reading, and writing; Valid driver’s license.



The usual and customary methods of performing the job’s functions require the following physical demands: some lifting, carrying, pushing, and/or pulling; and significant fine finger dexterity. The general job required 50% sitting, 25% walking, and 25% standing. The job is performed in a generally clean and healthy environment.

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