Mathematics Teacher (OE)

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COMPENSATION: Per Teacher Salary Schedule based on education and experience. District 308 grants experience credit on the salary schedule for up to 10 years of prior, verifiable, contractual full-time teaching experience.

BENEFITS:  Full-time Associates enjoy a robust selection of healthcare benefits including employer paid Life and AD&D insurance, Long Term Disability, Employee Assistance Program (EAP), as well as three medical plans to choose from including PPO and HMO plans.  What's more, CUSD provides a 100% claim reimbursement program for out of pocket expenses (excluding ER services), when an employee is enrolled in our PPO plan and uses our RUSH Healthcare reimbursement program.

UNION MEMBERSHIP: This position is represented by the Oswego Education Association (OEA). 


  • A valid/registered Illinois Professional Educator License (PEL) with Mathematics Endorsement
  • Recent teaching experience in the subject matter (with the exception of new graduates)
  • Demonstrated knowledge of curriculum, instructional methods and current teaching techniques
  • Excellent verbal and written communication and time management skills
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with students, families, team members, and others
  • Interest in teaching AP 
  • Willingness to teach Dual Credit/College Credit courses
  • Master's degree in content area preferred

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The Teacher leads students towards the fulfillment of their potential by translating district curriculum goals and objectives into learning experiences that will contribute to the development of skills necessary for becoming a mature and responsible individual. 


1.    Demonstrates the ability to effectively plan and prepare for lessons. Evidence of this attribute shall include the following:
  • Demonstrates knowledge of content and pedagogy in instructional practices. This shall include a solid understanding of the content and its prerequisite relationships and connections with other disciplines.
  • Applies knowledge of students’ backgrounds, strengths, needs, and interests to plan for groups of students.
  • Sets instructional outcomes that reflect high-level learning and curriculum standards. These outcomes are suitable for most students in the class and represent different types of learning which can be assessed. The outcomes shall reflect opportunities to show understanding across the curriculum.
  • Utilizes resources available through the school or district to enhance own knowledge, to use in teaching, or for students who need them.
  • Designs coherent instruction. Learning shall be aligned to instructional outcomes which coordinate knowledge of content, students, and resources, engaging all students in significant learning.
  • Develops student assessments which are aligned with the instructional outcomes and use clear criteria. Uses assessment results to plan for future instruction to meet the needs of students.
2.    Establishes a learning environment that functions effectively. Evidence of this attribute shall include the following:
  • Creates an environment of respect and rapport. Interactions between the teacher and students and among students are polite and respectful, reflecting general warmth and caring, and are appropriate to the cultural and developmental differences among groups of students.
  • Establishes a culture for learning that is characterized by high expectations for all students and genuine commitment to the subject by both teacher and students. Students demonstrate pride in their work and the teacher consistently reinforces student accomplishments.
  • Effectively manages classroom procedures. Little instructional time is lost because of classroom routines and procedures for transitions, handling of supplies, and performance of non-instructional duties, which occur smoothly.
  • Effectively manages student behavior by establishing clear standards of conduct, being alert to student behavior at all times, and consistently responding to behaviors appropriately and successfully in a manner that respects the students’ dignity.
  • Organizes physical space to ensure safety and accessibility. Ensures that the physical arrangement is appropriate to advance student learning. Makes effective use of physical resources including technology.
3.    Demonstrates effective instruction by engaging students in their learning. Evidence of this attribute shall include the following:
  • Utilizes clear oral and written language to effectively communicate with students specific expectations for learning, directions, procedures, and explanations of content.
  • Effectively uses questioning which elicits high quality responses. Allows sufficient time for students to respond. Utilizes discussion techniques that successfully engage all students.
  • Engages students in learning through activities and assignments, materials, structure and pace which support a high level of rigor and are appropriate for students’ cultures and levels of understanding.
  • Utilizes assessments that allow students to be fully aware of their criteria and performance by which they will be evaluated. Monitors the progress of learning, provides feedback which is timely and of high quality, and facilitates student self-assessment and monitoring of progress.
  • Demonstrates flexibility and responsiveness. Adjusts lessons with minimal disruption. Accommodates students’ questions or interests. Persists in seeking to engage all students in learning through a variety of instructional techniques.
4.    Demonstrates a commitment to high ethical and professional standards and seeks to improve professional practice. Evidence of this attribute shall include the following:
  • Reflects on teaching. Reflection will involve making accurate and objective assessments of lessons and using these assessments to improve future instruction.
  • Maintains accurate records. Develops effective and efficient systems to maintain accurate information on students’ completion of assignments, students’ progress in learning, and non-instructional records.
  • Effectively communicates with families, frequently providing information on the instructional program and the individual student in order to successfully engage families in the learning process.
  • Actively participates in the professional learning community. Develops and maintains supportive and cooperative relationships. Seeks to make a substantial contribution to the district by participating in events and projects.
  • Grows and develops professionally. Seeks opportunities for professional development based on individual assessment of needs. Actively shares expertise with others and is open to feedback from supervisors and colleagues.
  • Demonstrates professionalism through high standards of integrity and ethical conduct. The Complies fully and voluntarily with school and district regulations.
5.    Other Functions:
  • Performs other related duties, as assigned, for the purpose of ensuring the efficient and effective teaching and learning.

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