Sign Language Interpreter - Summer Connections Program

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Position Areas


•    Valid and current approval by ISBE as an Educational Sign Language Interpreter as the initial, standard or Master Level 
•    Ability to interpret in classrooms for related services or other mainstream situations for students who are deaf or hard of hearing.
•    Demonstrated knowledge of philosophies and purposes of mainstreaming hearing-impaired students; ASL and Signed English; oral support techniques; child      development, Deaf Culture, oral strategies and transliteration; educational methods; and interpreter's code of ethics.
•    Ability to understand and be able to translate academic language to the cognitive level of the student
•    Interpret spoken English at a rate appropriate for expected job performance
•    Excellent communication and time management skills
•    Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with students, families, team members, and others.
•    Ability to maintain confidentiality at all times.

COMPENSATION: Hourly wage is based on Level of Qualifications. *Please note that the hourly rate of pay will be inclusive of the mandatory 4.5% retirement contribution to the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF).


The Sign Language Interpreter facilitates communication between deaf and/or hard-of-hearing students and others; using sign language to convey teacher instruction and intent; assisting students with daily activities; providing voice to sign, sign to voice oral transliterate support; participating as a team member to plan, review and share information; and serving as a resource to other school personnel requiring assistance with hard-of-hearing and deaf person/s.


  1. Interprets/transliterates for students who are deaf or hard-of-hearing and non-signing individuals to allow full access to the school, classes and services.
  2. Interprets/transliterates (voice to sign, sign to voice, fingerspelling, mouth movements, use of signing space, stress/emphasis of important words, conveys register/emotions, monitors comprehension of signed message, uses appropriate sign choice and scaffolding of language) as indicated in the assigned student's individual education plan and school program.
  3. Interprets during announcements, assemblies, or other special events as requested.
  4. Knows to adapt or modify messages/materials to provide students with equal opportunities to demonstrate mastery.
  5. Monitors individual students for the purpose of providing assistance as needed and ensuring a quiet, safe and positive learning environment.
  6. Prepares for daily classroom lessons and activities for the purpose of ensuring a clear understanding and interpretation.
  7. Maintains schedule, routines, and transitions that promote access, communication and learning.
  8. Adjusts schedule as needed if another interpreter is absent.
  9. Maintains a sub folder describing assignment to be available to substitute interpreters 
  10. Takes necessary and reasonable precautions to protect equipment, materials and facilities, but most importantly to maintain student safety at all times.
  11. Responds to inquiries from administrators, teachers and other staff for the purpose of providing information or referring to appropriate personnel.
  12. Attends district workshops as directed and participates in training to develop new skills.
  13. Performs other related duties as assigned 

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