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Non-Instructional Support


QUALIFICATIONS:      High School diploma.
                                    Equivalent combination of education and training considered.
3-5 years experience in responsible secretarial, accounting or clerical position.
Fundamental accounting or bookkeeping skills required.
REPORTS TO:             PRINCIPAL                                          ___________________________________________________________________________________________
Responsible for the general operation of the school office providing a smooth and efficient environment for maximum positive effect on the students.
Performance Responsibilities:
·          Manages the business office;  
·          Collects and coordinates all monies for various accounts; balances money received;

  • Completes Activity Fund Report;

  • Maintains locker assignments, combinations and replacements;
·          Maintains inventory of textbooks, workbooks, season tickets for drama, football and basketball, ticket sales, classroom supplies, etc.;
·          Oversees outgoing monies for after school events, sports officials and all outstanding bills, etc.;
·          Obtains charter buses for field trips and collects fees;
·          Prepares for and maintains monthly bank statement;
·          Prepares fine letter for parents/guardians;
·          Prepares athletic reimbursement report;
·          Calculates waivers for free and reduced lunch;
·          Coordinates with school auditors;
·          Maintains collection of summer camp money and forms;
·          Maintains records for football, basketball, drama and IHSA tournament participation;
·          Coordinates ticket sales for all athletic, fine arts and social events;
  • Collects and records all books for rebinding;
  • Organizes and manages registration for high school students;
  • Maintains positive and professional conversations among students, staff, parents and community;
  • Meets the public tactfully and communicates their needs to appropriate personnel;
  • Encourages and promotes an atmosphere that facilitates positive student learning and behavior;

  • Performs other related duties as assigned.
TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:  Twelve month (260/261 days) Classified position with salary and hours to be   established by the Board of Education.
EVALUATION:                       Performance will be evaluated annually in accordance with the provisions     established by the Board of Education.
SALARY RANGE:                  C II 
This job description has been reviewed in accordance with the Factor Evaluation System and the Americans with
Disabilities Act.

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